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October 4, 2018

Naomi Osaka

Beijing, China

N. OSAKA/J. Goerges

6-1, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What do you think was the key in terms of just dominating her, just losing three games?
NAOMI OSAKA: Uhm, well I think just staying really focused and trying to return well because I feel like we both have really good serves. Well, she has a really good serve and I have a good serve (smiling).

Yeah, just trying to return well.

Q. Just now you said she had a very good serve, you had a good one. It seems after every match here, you don't feel like you played quite as well as maybe we thought you played. Do you think maybe sometimes you're a bit too hard on yourself?
NAOMI OSAKA: Yeah, I mean, I've been told that. But also, like, if I were to play against myself, maybe I would know the level. But I'm not really sure, like, what I'm capable of and also how I played on that day.

I mean, I know I played well today, better than all the other days. But I'm not sure, like, if someone were to play against me, what is the first thing they would say.

I know playing against her, I know that I think she has a good serve. Stuff like that, so...

Q. When you talk about your focus, you said it was very important to stay concentrated and focused. Is that something that you actually on the court have to tell yourself, stay focused, don't lose concentration, or at the moment are you focusing really well and it's coming naturally?
NAOMI OSAKA: No, I mean, on the court I have to think 'focus' because it's not something that's that natural to me. It's something that I've been working on throughout this whole year. I think it finally clicked sort of, or at least it's more consistent.

Otherwise, if I wasn't thinking 'focus' then you would see me just looking everywhere and stuff, so...

Q. Angie and Shuai are still playing. Can you talk about each of your possible next opponents, how you see the matchup against them.
NAOMI OSAKA: I've played them both quite a few times. I know that they're both really good. I'm just going to start with Kerber because I played her more recently.

The most recent match was in Wimbledon, and everyone knows how well she can play. I just remember being so overwhelmed. I felt like she hit no unforced errors. She was just hitting a lot of winners. So, yeah, she's an amazing player.

Shuai is the same. She's also quite good at not making any unforced errors. She's pretty good at returning, too.

I think either one that I play, it's going to be a good match.

Q. In the spring you said when you win matches and you're on a roll, you listen to the same song when you walk out. Through the US Open and through the final of Tokyo, were you listening to the same song? Which song was it, if so?
NAOMI OSAKA: Okay, this is going to sound really weird. But you know how in New York it's a really long car ride? So in the car, I was listening to half Nicki Minaj Queen and then half Eminem.

Before I walk on the court, there's no way you're going to know this, but there's a Korean singer, Asian-American. His name is Jay Park. I was listening to one of his songs. It was getting really old (smiling).

Q. Chance you're going to meet Zhang Shuai. You and her are good friends. How does it feel when you step on court and have to fight with a good friend?
NAOMI OSAKA: Uhm, well, actually I think today, too, everyone in my team is friends with everyone in Goerges' team. She's also a really nice person, too. She was really nice after the match.

So I think, like, tennis players off the court, we're nice and stuff, but then on the court, sort of like we train for that match. I mean, it's not like on the court I'm going to give her gifts or anything like that.

Q. What do you think are the two improvements compared to last year?
NAOMI OSAKA: I think for me mentality is probably the biggest one. If it's something about my game, maybe just consistency, not so many unforced errors. I'm not sure how many I hit today, but sometimes like last year I think I was hitting a lot.

Q. At the US Open in New York City, you said every morning you eat salmon bagel. What do you eat here in China in the morning?
NAOMI OSAKA: This is going to be really long, okay? I eat an omelette with ham and cheese. Then I eat like this chicken, I think it's chicken thigh, like cut into strips. I take some of those strips. Sometimes mushrooms. Then toast and, like, fruit.

I mean, if they had a salmon bagel here, I would probably eat it.

Q. Is it good?
NAOMI OSAKA: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I feel like I just eat it to eat it at this point now. Maybe the first day was good, but now it's just kind of tiring.

Q. Judging from your last answer about being tired of eating the same thing, you're also tired of listening to the same song, are you someone that likes to have routine?
NAOMI OSAKA: Uhm, I guess so. People tell me it's a superstition. But I like more when things are a certain way. Yeah, probably I like it if there's a routine.

Q. A question about the chopstick challenge.
NAOMI OSAKA: We're not talking about that (laughter).

Q. We're going to talk about it.
NAOMI OSAKA: Which one?

Q. 34 you did in the chopstick challenge here.

Q. Kerber and Shuai got 50 each.

Q. I was wondering what your reaction is to that?
NAOMI OSAKA: I feel good about myself (smiling).

I mean, c'mon, with Shuai, let's face it. But the thing is, I hold chopsticks in a weird way anyways. But Kerber, that's pretty good. So they both have 50?

Q. Yes.
NAOMI OSAKA: It means they didn't miss any?

Q. Pretty much.
NAOMI OSAKA: Hmm. You make me feel great about myself (smiling).

Q. I try my best.
NAOMI OSAKA: Thank you. Now I'm going to think about that the whole day.

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