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October 4, 2018

Dellin Betances

Boston, Massachusetts - Workout Day

Q. Dellin, after the way the last season ended for you, how satisfying was it to be able to do what you did last night and know you're going to play a big role in this bullpen going forward?
DELLIN BETANCES: It meant a lot to me. Obviously last year I was more of a cheerleader. I was cheerleading a lot of the guys last season. And this year I got a chance to come in early in the game, and I was just fortunate enough to go in a good situation and get the job done. But I've been waiting for that time for a long time now.

Q. Dellin, the Yankees aren't considered underdogs very often, but you're playing against the Red Sox team that won 108 games and considered the best team in the league. What's that like for you guys? Do you like being that team? Do you see yourselves as an underdog or how do you look at yourselves going into a series like this?
DELLIN BETANCES: I don't see ourselves as an underdog. Obviously Boston had a tremendous season. They have a tremendous team. We respect them and they respect us as well.

Obviously for the past two weeks it's probably the first time we've had our team healthy, fully healthy. So it's fun. We've been playing good baseball, and we will try to continue to do so this series.

Q. Gary Sanchez's defense behind the plate was a focus going into the Wild Card game. He seemed to do well. How much confidence does that give you?
DELLIN BETANCES: I never lost confidence in Gary. I feel comfortable pitching to him, so do a lot of the guys in there. As a team we never lost confidence in him, obviously there was a lot of talks, but we know the type of guy he is, the type of catcher he is. He can impact the game on both sides. It's a luxury to have a guy like him.

Q. You pitched so well last night in a critical situation. I know you grew up as a student of the game, loving baseball. To be a part of Yankee lore is pretty special. I know it's a tense time of the year. Any memories thinking back to when you were a kid? This is such a fun time of the year too. Did it harken back any memories as a kid watching MLB playoffs, especially last night a big moment like that for you?
DELLIN BETANCES: For me, I mean, what I'll say is probably at this point that's probably one of the biggest highlight of my career. I've gotten a chance to watch a lot of great games: Derek Jeter's final game. Mariano doing what he does, his final game. I've gotten a chance to watch and witness a lot of great games as a Yankee, but for me that probably will be my biggest highlight.

Obviously I can't compare something that I've watched as a fan, but I'll put that as my number one for right now.

Q. Where are things at with the finger right now? And how are you managing it?
DELLIN BETANCES: I'm all healed up. I think Steve Donohue, Mike Schuk and Tim Lentych, our trainers, have done a tremendous job of trying to figure some things out. Right now it's all healed up. I just got to make sure I don't get myself again.

Q. What are the challenges that this lineup, this Boston lineup, present, especially Betts, Benintendi and Martinez? It seems those three guys have really hit you guys hard this year.
DELLIN BETANCES: They've got a tremendous lineup, 1 through 9. They are a tough team. Tough team to kind of strike -- they don't strike out as much as some other teams do. They've got a great approach. They are well prepared. You know, I think Mookie at the top is a guy if he gets on, he sets the tone for the rest of the guys.

So they're well prepared. You have to kind of come with your A game every time you face them. That's what we'll try to do.

Q. Going back to last year, what did you learn from that experience last October, September and October, and how did that help you this year and especially now?
DELLIN BETANCES: Biggest thing for me kind of mindset-wise is be prepared for any situation. Obviously last night was either win or go home, and I wasn't ready to go home yet. I learned a lot last year watching Chad Green come in the situation and get out of it, and kind of give our team a breathing chance to come back and score some runs in the bottom half. David Robertson last year, I think he went for three innings, got the chance to talk to him yesterday. So watching those guys I felt like helped me prepare for that situation.

And Boone also gave me a heads up before the game that if it came down to a similar situation, I would be in the game. And I think that just kind of gave me more confidence that I'm being brought in in a situation like that with the middle of the order. Made me feel better out there.

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