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October 4, 2018

In Gee Chun

Sung Hyun Park

In Kyung Kim

So Yeon Ryu

Incheon, South Korea

THE MODERATOR: All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome. We are finally done with the first round. We're here with our first round leaders, Republic of Korea, who won both of their matches and currently have four points to lead the competition.

I'll ask few quick questions. Sung Hyun, I think the moment of your match was your big eagle on No. 14. Tell us how far you had in and your thoughts on that hole?

SUNG HYUN PARK: When I was doing the practice round, I thought that No. 14 was a drivable hole, so I knew that I really wanted to try to get it to the green on one go. In fact, the winds were really favorable as well and on my tee shot, I was really confident with that shot. I think that with that eagle putt, it was seven meters downhill.

THE MODERATOR: IK, move on to you. It was a tight match, even given your success. Were you maybe getting a little nervous. I know you were down early, but just tell us your feelings throughout the match.

IN-KYUNG KIM: I think the course itself gave way to a lot of unpredictable moments. I think while we were playing we really had to focus on each hole and really give our best on each hole. It was great when we were both looking to get birdie, but when we weren’t, I could feel that Sung Hyun was trying to do her best in her position and I was trying to do the same for her as well.

THE MODERATOR: So Yeon and In Gee, we'll move on down to you. I'll start with So Yeon. It was a very, very close match there. What were your thoughts on this front nine? So much was all square, and then you moved to the back nine and pulled away a little bit.

Thoughts on the match.

SO YEON RYU: I think that in the front nine we had some really good shots and we made some really good birdies. I think Wei Ling really was great with scrambling today, so there were shots where In Gee and I thought we got that hole but she would do so great that we tied. We got to all square.

So we did struggle a bit in the first nine. I think ultimately we were able to win because we were there to support each other. So if my shot wasn't that good, In Gee was there to back me up, and I did the same for her. When things weren't really going our way we both tried hard not to be disappointed or too down and really encouraged each other. I think that was key in our win.

THE MODERATOR: In Gee, tell us about the atmosphere out there with the fans and everyone following, just the feeling of being out and playing in front of these crowds today.

IN GEE CHUN: Out there on the course there were a lot of support from our fans. I think that really helped. So when I didn't do so well and I would be on the verge of getting a bit down about it, the fans would support us. I think that kind of helped us to stay positive and not go through that sort negative spiral.

THE MODERATOR: Open it up for questions.

Q. In Gee and So Yeon, you seemed to bond quicker than probably any other team out there who had never played together. What led to that, and is it something that you anticipated?
SO YEON RYU: I think that having played with In Gee on the same team at 2016 International Crown was really helpful. We weren't paired together during that tournament, but we were part of a team for one week. I think that helped us bond really quickly.

Also, on the LPGA Tour on other events In Gee is the type of really friendly and outgoing person, so she's the one that's really approachable. I think that also helps as well.

Q. So Yeon, you had In Gee read some of your putts today. Was that something you guys had planned? Just something that happened naturally?
SO YEON RYU: So when we were doing the practice rounds we all had a chance to be paired with each other. We wanted to be really familiar with the other players' routine so that we would know when reading a lie for the other player would be helpful for them.

Going into today we had talked about how we would read each other's lies if the lie is a little confusing or difficult to read. I think that actually having that support today was really phenomenal.

Q. (Through translation.) My question is going to Park Sung Hyun and In Kyung. Normally I think you have two very different styles of golf. So going into the event today, did you guys sort of discuss and decide on the roles and responsibilities of each player, or did you improvise what each needed to do every hole?
SUNG HYUN PARK: We didn't have any discussion or decide who would do what, but we did agree we would both stay true to our style and I think it worked.

IN KYUNG KIM: I think my answer is basically redundant. That's what we did. I think that actually in terms of style there were some other players on the other team that had a similar style, so it was comfortable in that way.

Q. This is for anyone who wants to chime in. It was mentioned quite often at last week's Ryder Cup that playing for your country, or in this case playing for the continent, was more stressful or more pressure than when they were trying to win a major, and these were major champions making the statements. I'm curious for all of you what it feels like with the pressure out there playing in front of a home crowd on home soil compared to trying to win a major?
SO YEON RYU: I think that in both cases you do have pressure and there is stress. It's just that it's a different kind of pressure and stress.

Obviously for majors you're fighting against yourself and trying to win for yourself. That's a different pressure from having to play in an event like this where you're trying to win for your country and also for your teammates.

So I would say that you have the pressure, it's just a different kind. I think that before we actually started the day today having to play in front of the home crowd representing our country was a little more daunting.

Now that we finished the first round I think being here and having the fans out there really helped us today on the course.

Q. This question is for I.K. I know you're a Beatles fan. Does this sometimes feel a little bit like Beatlemania with the fans? Do you know what that is?
IN KYUNG KIM: I think it's just an honor, and I'm quite happy that you would make that analogy. Like you said, I am an avid Beatles fan, especially of Paul McCartney. I'm not sure if anybody out there could like me as much as I love Paul McCartney. Nonetheless, it's a very feel good analogy.

Q. (Through translation.) I understand there are two more days of team match play. Will the pairings change in the coming two days? And my second question is: This competition it's a fourball match play. A lot of people say that the true essence of match play could be experienced when it's in the format of foursome. From players' perspective, how is foursome different from fourball?
IN KYUNG KIM: For your first question, we haven't decided, so I guess we will have to talk about that and relay our decision as soon as possible. I think because like the pairings, not the pairings, the teams or the matches will change tomorrow, I'm not sure if our decision will have a big impact on the outcome.

As for your question regarding foursome versus fourball, I don't really have much experience when it comes to foursome games. Having watched the Ryder Cup I thought that with foursome games, because you share a ball, that you want to be paired with someone that is actually similar to your style of play.

So if you were an aggressive player, I think it may be more ideal to have someone as your teammate, someone who has a similar aggressive style.

As for fourball, since we're each kind of playing our own game, I think I that perhaps different styles are more allowed or could work in the fourball format.

Q. Watching all of you on the first tee this morning, quite frankly there appeared to be a lot of anxious moments. In Gee looks to be the only one who was having a good time up here. I’m just wondering if you could all express what it was like for you and what you were feeling on the first tee.”
IN GEE CHUN: I’m glad that I looked like I was enjoying myself because I was actually very nervous. So Yeon tried to help me relax, but I think going to the first hole I was able to laugh a little bit. Having birdied the first hole, I think that really boosted me afterward. But I think I was really nervous and what I tried to do was I tried to turn that tension into something positive for our team.

SO YEON RYU: With the other tournaments I’m actually quite comfortable on the first tee. I don’t really get nervous or anxious. But with this, before the first tee, with the singing of the national anthem and all that, I think that I started off a little more solidly so I was perhaps a little more calm.

IN-KYUNG KIM: So I had a lot of thoughts in my head as I was preparing to tee off. First of all was that they were raising the flag while the national anthem was playing, and I was in awe of how they were able to time that perfectly so the flag reached the top when the national anthem finished. So I thought to myself that maybe they rehearsed that. These were some of the thoughts that were going to my head, and I was also very thankful at that moment to be able to enjoy a moment like this with my fellow teammates who are all excellent players. I think at the first hole I had my friend Jiyai there, as well as I had the support of other Korean golfers, and I think that was really good. I think perhaps I was able to shoot at least 10 yards further than I normally would.

SUNG HYUN PARK: I think that I was the most nervous and anxious out of the four. I though my heart was going to burst. And with the first hole, I had a birdie putt that was less than one meter but of course I pulled it, but I was still very nervous with that very short shot as well. In general I get pretty nervous with the fans but with this competition, I think I was extra nervous.

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