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October 2, 2018

Georgia Hall

Jodi Ewart Shadoff

Bronte Law

Charley Hull

Incheon, South Korea

Q. Charley, you're all veterans of match play, played many match play events but for Europe. What's it like this week to be able to play for the English flag and play for your country?
CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, to represent England is a great honor. It's really nice, and it reminds me back of my amateur days when I was brought up playing for England, and it's really fun because me and Georgia and Bronte played together in the same teams growing up. I think Jodi was pro by then, but it was a lot of fun.

Q. Jodi, you and Charley were on the team that played so well in 2016, finished tied for third. Does that make you want to win this one maybe even a little bit more?
JODI EWART SHADOFF: Yeah, absolutely. We didn't really know what to expect coming into the 2016 UL International Crown, but after playing in it, it really makes me want to win. So I think we have a really great team and a lot of match play experience, and everybody is on good form.

Q. Georgia, this is one of the rare match play and team events that doesn't have a captain; what's the dynamic for the four of you kind of working as four captains and managing yourselves this week as opposed to playing under a captain?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it's really cool, and it's quite different because, like you say, we used to play under someone or under a captain. We've all been very kind of vocal, and I think it's taken us about 10 hours to discover our song. We spent pretty much all nine holes speaking about it today and had about 10 different options, but I think we got there in the end.

Q. Bronte, just wrapped up an amazing Ryder Cup week, great win for the Europeans. Do you guys take any inspiration from their play last week?
BRONTE LAW: Absolutely. There was a fair few England faces playing in that team, so it's definitely cool to obviously carry that on. I was saying to the girls earlier today, the last time I wore my England jersey was when England won the European Team championships. So I'm hoping that I can kind of keep the winning streak going.

Q. Just again about the Ryder Cup, how much did you all catch of it while you were traveling? Did you struggle to see all of it? Were there any stories from what you managed to catch?
JODI EWART SHADOFF: I saw the singles match on Sunday. I arrived Sunday afternoon, so I managed to see it all.

Q. And was there any particular sort of stand-out memory as you were watching?
JODI EWART SHADOFF: Ian Poulter, Sergio. I think Rory had a tough finish, and then Jon Rahm, as well.

Q. Bronte, it sounds like you enjoy the psychological component of match play. Can you speak to what you like about that part of match play and just what your attitude and mentality is with an opponent in match play?
BRONTE LAW: I just kind of like the whole idea of being head-to-head against someone. With golf being a game where you're playing against a huge field most of the time, it's kind of nice to look in someone's eye and kind of think that you're intimidating them in some way. There's all these different rules that you play in match play that you don't play in stroke play that you can kind of use to your advantage, and growing up in England, we obviously played a lot of match play. You kind of learn those certain -- you learn a certain way to use the rules to your advantage. I think that that's something that gives you a lot of confidence, and I hope that we can use that this week to our advantage.

Yeah, it's just a lot of fun for me. I have loved playing match play my whole life. Obviously on this scale, it should be a really fun week, and I'm looking forward to playing alongside these three.

Q. It sounds like you all play in a lot of team events growing up; you mentioned the European Team championship. I know the Curtis Cup. Any other big ones that you guys are typically involved in?
CHARLEY HULL: Home Internationals. Home Internationals is England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales against each other. That was a pretty good event.

GEORGIA HALL: And World Team Championships is probably one of the biggest events you can play in as an amateur.

BRONTE LAW: Then we have like Junior Ryder Cup, Junior Solheim. We all played in those, too.

CHARLEY HULL: And the Spirit International. That was a good event.

Q. How much are you looking forward to the final matchup against the home team and the prospect of the huge crowds?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I mean, it's in their home country, and I think there's going to be so many crowds supporting them, obviously. We're just going to like stay in our own kind of bubble and focus on our own shots, but before that, we've got two important matches to play anyway, so we're just going to focus on Thursday first, I think.

Q. Do you like cricket, any of you? I was wondering about the first match being against Australia, sort of a mini Ashes? There's been no mention between you and the Australian girls?

Q. Georgia, you mentioned that you have a lot of experience doing match play, and so based on your experience, what do you think is the best combination in terms of teammates? Like for instance, do you think it's best to be paired with somebody who compensates for your skills, for instance, if you're a long hitter, do you think it's best to be put together with somebody who's a strong putter? Or do you think it's more important or better to be on the same team with somebody that you're comfortable with or you're perhaps more close with?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think that a lot depends on the format you're playing. We're playing four-ball, so I think with four-ball, you can attack a lot more, and you can go like -- I'm just going to like go for every flag, and I'm sure my partner will, as well, because there's two chances of making a birdie.

I think it's most important to be with someone that you're comfortable with. The worst thing you want is spending four hours with someone who you probably don't feel as comfortable with or you feel you can't say things to. You should never like apologize and stuff like that.

I think just have like a good friend with you, and you can have a lot of fun and chat alongside I think it more important than the actual game, especially in four-ball.

Q. Jodi, earlier this year?
GEORGIA HALL: Mentioned how Justin going to No. 1 was inspiring for the English, and now you watch Tommy Fleetwood and Ian Poulter a big role in the Ryder Cup. Just overall, how much do watching other Englanders succeed like that motivate and inspire you all?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: Yeah, it's very inspiring to see these guys playing so well, especially last weekend. I think the strength of English golf is at a high right now, and it's going to be nice to see in 10 or 15 years' time how it inspires the younger generation. So yeah, I mean, it's great to see.

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