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September 30, 2018

Jon Rahm

Guyancourt, France

Q. Jon Rahm, first Ryder Cup. The scalp of tiger woods, and a huge point for Europe on Sunday. Does it get any better?
JON RAHM: No, to be honest. Played really good all day. Didn't make many putts. 16 was a short putt missed. I hit a couple good ones, 14. It was only fitting to hit that shot, two shots on 13 and 17 and make the putt.

It's a lot going on for me right now, to be honest. Memory of Seve, many people. My grandfather, who would love to be here right now, who passed away at the PGA, was my biggest fan.

A lot going through. And to beat Tiger, one of the greatest, if not the greatest, on the Sunday, with a pivotal point, I was so aware of it, it's the best feeling of my life.

Q. Dream stuff. Describe after the disappointment of 16, the intensity running through your body on 17.
JON RAHM: Well, if you break it down, apart from what's happened at that point, I was 1-up going into 17, all the pressure was on Tiger. Par, par would probably win it. And then once he missed the fairway, I was beyond focused on hitting that fairway. And I hit it right on my spot, about as hard as I can hit a drive. I don't know how far it went, but it was hard. To have 117 metres to that pin, it's just ridiculous. And then just 3/4 to 52 it's exactly the same shot I had on No. 1, and I stiffed it to five feet, and this time I stiffed it to four feet. And it was a really good redemption feeling after missing the one on 16. I'd much rather win making a birdie and the way I did than having to par it. Everything happens for a reason, and that was the reason today.

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