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September 30, 2018

Thomas Bjorn

Guyancourt, France

Q. How does it feel to captain a winning side?
THOMAS BJØRN: Well, we're very proud today, this has been easy, they have been amazing, just the 12 of them has just been unbelievable. The way they bonded with each other, there were things they had done, and how they just get together and do a proper job; they were determined. They just set out to do a job themselves, and I mean, it was an easy job to guide them in that direction.

They wanted this desperately, and they stood up and you know, so many things has happened this week, Francesco and Tommy and Sergio, what he's about to hopefully do, and there's so many great things and stories this week. It's all down to 12 players.

Q. Your four wild-cards today justified your faith in them. It was all about experience, wasn't it?
THOMAS BJØRN: Yeah, this is such a special event, and experience, when you come in with the right attitude can be such a great thing, and I couldn't have believed that they would stand up like they did, and they did, mostly because of the 12 of them.

Q. A word for these fans and this venue, because they played such a huge part. You're going to have to shout?
THOMAS BJØRN: We'll wrap them up and take them to America for the next one I think.

Q. What were you thinking and feeling as the day was unfolding, because there was a time when it was getting tight?
THOMAS BJØRN: Yeah, it was getting tough there for a little bit, but generally, I have belief and faith in this team and that they were going to deliver. They delivered more than they should have.

Q. Amazing to beat a team with nine major champions?
THOMAS BJØRN: Yeah, The Ryder Cup is The Ryder Cup, and our team just wanted it so much this week. That's why they went out and did what they did.

Q. What was your best decision of the week?
THOMAS BJØRN: Oh, I don't know. I mean, I don't like -- I honestly don't know.

Q. How good is this party going to be?


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