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September 30, 2018

Webb Simpson

Guyancourt, France

Q. How toughly fought was that great round?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's tough, Justin is their best player and I look up to him as a golfer and he's been great for a while. What a great player he is. I knew it was going to be tough, and he's been leading those Europeans for a long time now.

So overall, I played well. Made some putts when I need to. He made a great birdie there, and thankfully I made one on top.

Q. 2 1/2 points early doors. How important was that to quiet the crowd as you guys have?
WEBB SIMPSON: It was important. I mean, the up-and-down on 2 was kind of a flip and 3, making birdie, winning that. So you know, early in the round was big for me this week, getting off to a good start, and I was able to hang on and keep hitting good shots.

Q. Who are you going to go out and watch?
WEBB SIMPSON: Not sure. Excited, though.

Q. What an experience that must have been out there.
WEBB SIMPSON: It was fun. You know, Rosey is such a great player, so I knew it was going to be tough. But played solid today. Last couple days, been big for me. You know, thankful to get the point for the team and hopefully I can go out and root them on.

Q. Three consecutive birdies at the end of that front nine really turned the screw, didn't it?
WEBB SIMPSON: It did. You're never expecting to make long putts but when they go in, you're happy. I just rode that momentum. Hit one bad shot on 13. He won that hole.

But other than that, it was solid.

Q. Just explain what it feels like to follow him in on a green like this on 16?
WEBB SIMPSON: He made a great birdie after hitting it in there close. It was a great feeling. The crowd thought I was backing off but that's my normal routine. So had to get them a little quiet but it was nice to see them go in.

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