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September 29, 2018

Justin Rose

Henrik Stenson

Guyancourt, France

Q. Thomas put you out first to beat the foursomes, and you've done just that by putting another point on the board.
JUSTIN ROSE: That's been our number. Henrik have kind of owned that No. 1 spot the last couple Ryder Cups. Some good tactical decisions by the captain. Obviously choosing to rest both of us at times this week, obviously I think Henrik and I played such a steady, similar game, and obviously Henrik's statistics is unbelievable tee-to-green, foursomes he's so impressive, and he's a dream partner, really.

We didn't play the dream golf. I don't think we kicked into gear 100 per cent, but we did enough, and Henrik had -- can I say balls of steel on the radio? But the putts he hit on 16 and 17 -- he stopped asking me for reads and made them.

Q. They were clutch putts at just the right time. What was going through your mind particularly on the last on 17?
HENRIK STENSON: Both of these ones, I put us in trouble on 16. Justin hit a lovely chip. I put him in trouble a couple of times today and he hit some brilliant short game shots. The least you can do is roll the putts in and I just stayed committed with my line and hit solid putts and both went in. Happy with the way that turned out.

Q. Given where the match situation is, 10-4, it looks like it might end 10-6 today. What are your thoughts going into the final day?
HENRIK STENSON: I kind of looked at the board and had that feeling, so we both knew how much was on the line here to keep that distance that we managed to make up in the morning, and over the first two days here.

So yeah, it was just to dig deep and try and finish strong, which we did, and tomorrow it's a new day. We've seen these scenarios play over the years, 10-6 leads, and we've got to go out there and play some really, really good golf tomorrow.

JUSTIN ROSE: 100 per cent agree with Henrik. Medinah was the same for them. I think our team, we understand that after two matches this afternoon, that's the halfway point of this Ryder Cup.

There's 14 points to play for and the Americans might get the other two on the course this afternoon and then there's 12 singles tomorrow, so those are the 14 points we still need to find four and a half of them. So a ton of golf and a ton of work to be played. We will be relentless tomorrow.

HENRIK STENSON: Brooks hit a lovely shot into 15, stone-dead on one of the most intimidating shots on the golf course. They were coming hard at the end, and we managed to fend them off and to win the match in the end feels very, very nice.

Q. How good a win was it?
JUSTIN ROSE: I was so happy he made the putt. I was actually expecting to go down 1.

I thought, clearly you have to expect your opponent to make the putt, but 18 is a hole you want to go down there with a lead. It's the type of hole, anything can happen. You're one swing away from winning or losing that hole. Wasn't the type of hole you want to be going down, so for Henrik to make that putt or Brooks to miss, that was an unbelievable shift in swing for us but my man stepped up when it counted, it was unbelievable.

Q. This partnership, you guys in your 30s and 40s, it still works.
JUSTIN ROSE: It does. The grey hairs, they are a little bit of -- I don't know, experience does count for something occasionally.

Q. Are you liking this position?
HENRIK STENSON: Leaving yourself putts like this, those grey hairs are coming quicker than we want. We said that earlier, those are the times you're going to look back through your career and how great they were with the crowd, the atmosphere playing with these matches and being out with a partner like Justin couldn't be much better than that.

JUSTIN ROSE: Days of the days of your lives. You've got to remember these moments.

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