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September 29, 2018

Thomas Bjorn

Guyancourt, France

Q. Talk about the proudness you feel about the message that you sent out, not getting ahead; yes, the success from yesterday, but going out there this morning and really pressing on and pushing ahead?
THOMAS BJØRN: They have done well again this morning, I have to say. We keep going. We keep going till the end and this is the way the morning session finishes today, the other way, and we've got an afternoon session ahead of us that's going to be tough, 16 really good golfers on the golf course this afternoon. We go with what we have and we keep pushing, and nothing's won. We're just at the halfway stage. There's no big happiness. There's still a determination and work to be done.

Q. What confidence do you have in the lineup this afternoon?
THOMAS BJØRN: We were very successful in the foursomes yesterday, and I had to go with that set of pairings for this afternoon. We switched them around a little bit to match them with where they are at fitness and strength at the moment, so we go with that.

Now we look forward to getting out there this afternoon. It's a good group of guys, but we are also up against a team that's very strong.

Q. What was the thing that maybe you mulled over longer than anything else this afternoon?
THOMAS BJØRN: Do you go with the same theory as you did yesterday and get everybody on the golf course, or do you go with the successful group of guys that did so well in those foursomes? And in the end, I just felt like these foursomes did well and they feel comfortable with each other, and then we go with that and then we look towards the singles tomorrow.

Q. Clearly the Europeans are playing brilliant golf and full of confidence; is it the golf course, the style, and once again, that the European players are familiar with this layout?
THOMAS BJØRN: I have a strong belief that when you take the best players in the world and put them on a golf course, they are going to find their way around a golf course.

We have played well these last two sessions, we have, and that's a credit to the way they go about the golf course, but when you take the best players in the world, they know to find a way to get around it.

The golf course, I don't think is that much -- it's all down to how our guys are playing.

Q. Rory alongside Poulter, Garcia, what's that given him in terms of the inspiration perhaps he needed?
THOMAS BJØRN: Rory, sometimes you get a little bit easy with him; you can think he can do anything he wants. We saw some great things with him and Thomas Pieters last time and that was brilliant.

But he likes playing with guys that he knows very well and he gets on with, and I think yesterday he needed that day on the golf course yesterday afternoon. He was great this morning and now he goes again. The good thing with Rory is you know his fitness is not going to be a problem.

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