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September 29, 2018

Jordan Spieth

Justin Thomas

Guyancourt, France

Q. So as you saw the blue on the board, as you guys were making your way around in this final match, what was going through your mind?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I mean, we both were playing well. We did a great job yesterday morning and today of ham-and-egging it a lot. When one person was out of the hole, the other would pick him up. We're playing two really, really good opponents, and they're playing really well. We knew how big this point was. And we're not even halfway done with the golf tournament yet. So this was a big point, and hopefully we'll get it turned around.

Q. Jordan, as you know, momentum can switch very quickly in a Ryder Cup format. How do you guys get it back?
JORDAN SPIETH: All that he and I can do is go out. We've done a great job of not really looking at boards, focusing on anything else. We've done a really good job of staying patient and with ourselves. We've got to do the same thing. But as a team, to get momentum back, getting us closer than 4 points by the end of the day would be the goal. And we know if it's 4 or less, it's been done before.

Q. Jordan, at a time when your team really needed a point, just how big does that feel?
JORDAN SPIETH: It was a big match. Ian was playing phenomenal golf. And the one hole he took off, Jon birdies. And they ham-and-egged it nicely, just as we did. Justin just came up absolutely clutch there.

Q. Justin, we never say never in the Ryder Cup, because amazing things have happened over the years, but what's the single biggest thing that's got to change for your team to turn this around?
JUSTIN THOMAS: We need to get closer. This session is huge. It's so easy to look at the scoreboard, it's so easy to look at how the last two sessions have gone, but we're not even at the halfway point of this golf tournament.

We just need to get out there. We've done a great job of staying in our own match. All we can control is what we can control and hit the next shot the best we can.

Obviously things haven't gone our way these last two sessions. Hopefully this match can kind of do what Tommy and Francesco's did yesterday morning and turn the momentum around.

Q. What a match. How aware were you of what was happening out there?
JORDAN SPIETH: It was important. That's the way we were thinking about it. First tee, that's what we wanted to do. We trust in our own teammates and we trust there's a lot of fight.

Q. What about this partnership? This is a new duo, a successful duo. How much have you enjoying playing in this Ryder Cup?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Enjoy it a lot more when we get the point. Yesterday afternoon wasn't so fun. We're so comfortable around each other on and off the golf course, we talked about this for so long and to be out here and do it at the biggest stage, there's nothing better than getting a point for your team. Playing your golf is playing your golf, but getting a point for your team, for your country is huge.

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