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September 28, 2018

Jordan Spieth

Justin Thomas

Guyancourt, France

Q. Jordan, can you give us your overall assessment of the afternoon?
JORDAN SPIETH: Not ideal for us obviously. But they played great golf. Hats off to the European. They were all even or under par from what I heard, and on this golf course, in that wind, that's just fantastic in that format.

Q. What's your takeaway from the overall day?
JORDAN SPIETH: Down two points, got to win 14 1/2. Just got to go in tomorrow, trying to win a point each session, and we trust that if we can make up some ground tomorrow that our team can certainly pull it off in singles.

Q. Are there any adjustments that you think you need to make in foursomes?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I think definitely there will be adjustments in foursomes. Foursomes, it's a tough one. It's unusual and it's very tough to figure out, you know, what team to throw out where and what guys are rolling, and obviously Jim wants to rest and make sure guys are ready and have enough for singles, as well.

As far as adjustments, that's obviously up to the six guys in that room.

Q. Justin, sum up today's result.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Overall, it was a back-and-forth first day for me, and we just didn't bring our A Game in the afternoon. Jordan putted lights out in the morning to really carry us, and I was able to get some big birdies along the way, but we just couldn't get any of our putts to fall in the afternoon.

We just couldn't get anything going or gain any momentum, and Tommy and Francesco teamed up really well together and are playing great. Our 5-3 loss looks worse on paper, though, than it really was. We will regroup tonight and be ready to go in the morning.

Q. What was the sense as the anchor match and seeing so much blue on the board?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was a great afternoon for them, and we were trying to grind out a win. We just didn't have it this afternoon. But we can look back and realise, it was a good morning for our team, since we turned around some matches in our favour, and use that as motivation for tomorrow.

We are two really evenly matched teams, and here on their soil with the fans, they have an extra gear. After some rest tonight, we will be ready tomorrow and ready to go.

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