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September 28, 2018

Rory McIlroy

Ian Poulter

Guyancourt, France

Q. After a disappointing morning, it was the perfect tonic in the afternoon with Mr. Ryder Cup?
RORY McILROY: Certainly seemed that way. You know, Poults and I, the guys had a discussion earlier in the week, and it was sort of a little bit of a last-minute thing that Poults and I would go and try to play foursomes together. You know, we played well together at Medinah. We played well together at Gleneagles. It was nice to get back out there with them and deliver another point for Europe.

Q. Ian, vice captain last time. What goes through your body when you're playing Ryder Cup?
IAN POULTER: Do you know, the second I got to the golf course, I was okay, but the whole build up, I didn't have my best stuff in the practice rounds, two weeks off leading in. My mind, it's been a long time since I played a Ryder Cup. Four years is a long wait but the second I got going this morning, I felt good. It's great to play with Rory. I mean, the buzz around the golf course is just incredible.

To hole a couple of putts, and you know, more importantly, I left Rory a couple of testers today. I left him a couple of like 7-foot -- and he managed to roll them in. It was a good match, and to put another point on the board, and the board looking so strong this afternoon, that's key. The team have come out this afternoon. They have done what they do best and that's be resilient and it's awesome.

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