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September 28, 2018

Jordan Spieth

Justin Thomas

Guyancourt, France

Q. You've spent a lot of time on and off the golf course, but first time you've ever played in a team event together.
JORDAN SPIETH: It was great. We had a great start, too. Playing Ryder Cups over here are extremely fun. We were able to feed off each other. We ham-and-egged it extremely well around this golf course. I don't think we birdied the same hole once. We made a lot of birdies today. What a blast that was.

Q. What's it like on your end to see your partner playing that well and then pick it up?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was awesome. I told him, ride my horse all 18 holes to get it done. We did so well that first nine, ten holes. We both had looks. Then it seemed like he would make it. I'd be able to pick up and vice versa. For the most part, he was tearing it up and that was enjoyable to watch and I was able to feed off him.

Q. How good was that to get the job done?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, we're 3-up and they made five -- six birdies in a row I think, actually, right around the turn into the back nine. It's tough when they are birdieing every hole. We did a good job there.

Justin's birdie on 15 was huge. That was so clutch. To take a lead into the last three holes, where all you've got to do is give yourself two looks at it.

Q. You two are very good friends and known each other a long time. How special was this to go out with this guy today and soak it all up?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was great. We've talked about this really for so long, so long being all of nine or so years, but it's cool to finally be here and doing it. We've spent time at Ryder Cups together. We've played in the Junior Ryder Cup and he's played in a couple of these now and it's been my first. There's not a partner in the world I'd rather have a chance to go out here with.

JORDAN SPIETH: It was nice. We ham-and-egged and only birdied the same hole maybe once or twice, and on a golf course that's this difficult, 9-under is a fantastic score. Those guys played phenomenal. We were fortunate to get the win.

Q. Some of the guys have found these greens pretty tricky over years.
JORDAN SPIETH: I started banging them in the back early but you never know if they are going in. They can kind of wiggle a little bit towards the hole. Made a few early and then J.T. made a few of those inside of 15 feet and in coming in, that they kept that momentum up.

Q. This course, as you know, from playing early, it's quite pretty and has some teeth. How is this going to play for foursomes later?
JUSTIN THOMAS: The wind seems to be picking up this afternoon, so that should make it interesting. It's already a difficult format. We both are excited, any session, any format we play, we're antsy and ready to go. We're confident in one another. We just need to go and get some rest and get back out there.

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