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September 27, 2018

Justin Rose

Jon Rahm

Guyancourt, France

Q. Going out first tomorrow, how much of an honour is that for you?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's a huge honour. I've been in that situation before and it's a morning you can never really prepare for. Jon is going to feel it for the first time, but for me it's going to feel like virtually the first time, as well.

Only once every four years you get to do it at home, and it's going to be very, very special. Obviously the atmosphere they have created in Paris with the stands and what-have-you, I'm excited to see how it feels in the morning.

Q. How excited are you to get this underway and playing with this man?
JON RAHM: Usually I'm a pretty calm person. So based on my usual level of excitement, I know tomorrow is going to be 10 or 20.

Yeah, my first Ryder Cup, teeing it up with the FedExCup Champion, a European golf legend, first group out, it's a lot of firsts that I will forever remember. Not many people get to play for a Ryder Cup in Europe with this stage setup and be in the first group outright. Looking forward to it. I just kind of hope one of us hits it in the fairway to start off the day.

Besides that, there's many ways to win.

JUSTIN ROSE: 100 per cent. That's what we're going to do. We're going to figure out a way to get the job done and win the match. Today was a big day. We played together and we played well, and I felt like we got more and more comfortable with this golf course and settling in nicely, and really looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. You must be very excited because you're going to be first tomorrow.
JON RAHM: Yeah, very, very excited. First Ryder Cup for me, home, for Europe, the atmosphere that's created. I hope I can take it all in and enjoy the moment.

Q. What do you expect tomorrow for the first moment when you are going to go on the first hole?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, we can expect noise. We can expect atmosphere. We can expect a lot of singing and cheering, but we're going to be feeling it for not just the first, but you're going to feel it on the driving range. You're going to feel it on the putting green.

When we're putting here before we go off to the first tee, you're going to almost know what the atmosphere is going to be like standing on the tee. You're going to have like an hour, an hour and a half to get used to it because people get here so early, people get their seats, people find their spot. It's just an amazing morning. I think more importantly, if we talk about the atmosphere, we're ready to play golf, and that's the most important thing.

Q. Tomorrow, you will have talked with your captain, that you are the first, and you are very strong for that. What does he talk to you?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's an honour, right, and it's a responsibility, as well, to go out first. You want to start The Ryder Cup the right way for the team. We want to put a point on the board, and we want to do it as soon as possible. Obviously for Jon, too, it's an honour for us to be out there together.

JON RAHM: It's a huge honour to be able to open The Ryder Cup here in Europe. Hopefully we hit good shots and put a point on the board.

Q. You kicked things off two years ago on that disappointing morning in Hazeltine. How much are you looking forward to putting that right and getting Europe off to a good start tomorrow?
JUSTIN ROSE: I also kicked things off in Gleneagles and got off to a great start there and obviously won The Ryder Cup, so let's frame it that way.

Obviously it's very different playing at home. Obviously you only get an opportunity to play every four years at home, so tomorrow morning will be an amazing atmosphere. I was just saying off camera there to Jon, it will feel like my first tomorrow. It's not something you ever get comfortable with, but obviously I'll be there for him, if he needs someone just to talk to about it. I've been there before, you know what I mean. But we're there to play golf -- okay, Jon, okay, Jon, okay, Jon (in reassuring tone), now go.

JON RAHM: This is a great honour. I've been fortunate enough to play enough with Justin throughout the year. We played at the PGA. It really is comfortable playing with him. I'm comfortable he's going to be in the fairway before I have to hit it, so it's a lot of positive ways to go with him out there.

Q. How important is it to set a tone as you lead off these Ryder Cup Matches?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's very important for us, and obviously us as a team. Absolutely. I think all four matches are incredibly important tomorrow. It would be nice for The European Team to get off to a good start. I think we're blooding a few guys tomorrow morning and getting some confidence going early and really roll with that for the rest of the week.

Everybody talks about the first day of a Ryder Cup, and this man, I'm excited for him because he gets to do it for the first time.

Q. Your emotions have brought you to the level you are at right now, and it will be highly emotional tomorrow. How do you manage remaining in the moment and not getting too excited?
JON RAHM: To be honest, something I haven't said many times, it's something I work on with my mental coach. When you are feeling and you focus on your emotions and what you're feeling, you're exactly in the moment, what you're feeling right now. You're not feeling what you are feeling in the past and you're not feeling what you're going to feel in the future, and you cannot be more in the moment than when you are going on in that point.

It's a situation that helps people with passion. There's a great history of European players that have a lot of good memories in Ryder Cup and a lot of good performances. I just hope I can follow the legacy of Europe and especially Spain.

Q. Have you anticipated what this moment will be like?
JON RAHM: I have. I've asked many people. And everybody gives me the same answer: You can't get ready for it. Rosey said it. It's going to feel like his first time. I'm going to enjoy it as much as possible and look forward to get The Ryder Cup started.

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