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September 26, 2018

Shannon Johnson

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. It seems like you've really started to figure out the greens here. Your putting seems solid. How is that part feeling?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, kind of like what I said earlier, every time we're on this course we learn a lot more, and Matt is great on the greens, making a ton of notes. We're definitely lining up the speed and the break really well. It's just the uphill putts are just tough to get them to the hole, so they seem really slow.

Q. This match especially you came out to a big lead; does that kind of loosen you up?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Oh, absolutely, yeah. It's always good to go 1-up after one, kind of loosens you up, frees you up a little bit, and then made two good birdies on 2 and 3, which were huge. But yeah, just kind of -- really just trying to find fairways, which I think I hit -- other than 1, I think I probably hit every fairway, which is awesome. That's what you've got to do. Yeah, just try and leave it on the right spots on the greens.

Q. You've been in a final here before. What can you draw from that experience?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I think looking back on a couple years ago, I think I just was super tentative with my putting. Got a new putter, different, and just trying not to think a lot about it and just kind of let it go. It's been working so far. I've just got to come out swinging and get some good tempo on the first few holes.

Q. Different than the last time you were in the final; there was the Women's Open exemption. How does that change the landscape of the championship?
SHANNON JOHNSON: I mean, I'm just trying not to think about it. Obviously it would be unbelievable to win and be able to go play in that. Have to maybe ask for a little more time off of work in the primetime. We'll cross that bridge when we need to, but yeah.

Q. Looking like you'll face Kelsey. She's 4-up right now. Do you know her very well?
SHANNON JOHNSON: I just met her like -- yeah, officially just met her right before we went out. Obviously you see each other in crossing, but obviously she's got great game, played awesome last year and is continuing to roll. I think it'll be a great match. It should be pretty even.

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