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September 25, 2018

Shannon Johnson

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. Maybe talk about the match with Ellen --
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I don't think we both were swinging it too well. We were both trying to scramble a lot, and pars were winning holes. I think we both started to find it a little bit coming down the back nine, but I was just trying to piece together a few shots in a row and just try and scramble around and make par as quickly as I possibly could.

Q. Probably as you get closer to home, it's almost like a sense of urgency, like okay, I've really got to --
SHANNON JOHNSON: Absolutely. I knew that going against Ellen was going to be a tough match, and it just made it a little harder on myself just not swinging freely and tempo was a little off. But yeah, luckily just able to make a couple of clutch pars out there on some of the tougher holes, so that really helped, and yeah, got a couple-up lead at one point and then went back to one. Yeah, Ellen three-putted the 15th hole -- yeah, 15, the par-5, and I made a good six-footer to win. She misread the putt. Yeah, that was good momentum. The last few holes are just tough coming in, so if you can make par, it's going to go a long way.

Q. And then you just turn around, and it's easy to say, yeah, you made quick work today, but --
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, just kind of wanted to forget about kind of how I swung this morning and just tried to go get some lunch and put my feet up, just relax, and then Matt and I came out and we hit a few balls. He just noticed my shoulders were just a little pointing the wrong way. So we did a couple things, and yeah, went out and hit the ball awesome.

Q. Was it alignment?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, a little alignment. I was a little open to my target, which would kind of make sense where my shots were going this morning. So yeah, it was good -- awesome to have another set of eyes, just to be more comfortable. Yeah, really hit it awesome this whole back side today.

Q. So you really feel like you figured something out between the rounds?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I think so. I mean, it was -- I was kind of nervous all day, this morning, going up against Ellen. She's such a grinder out there, and she just like gets it done. I knew I had to play really good golf in order to come out with a win with that one, and I think I just -- it's good preparation. I mean, every match is going to be a little bit tougher, and you've got to get in those situations to figure out what's going on.

Q. You also mentioned a couple days ago about that whole not being tentative and swinging freely. You have to be able to do that, too --
SHANNON JOHNSON: Oh, yeah. It's easy to say, tough to do. But yeah, I was just trying to be super patient and just kind of -- it was helpful a little bit on the second 18. We were walking a little slower, so I think that just kind of slowed everything down and just allowed me to get a little better tempo with the swing.

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