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September 25, 2018

Lauren Greenlief

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. I haven't had much chance to chat with you, but I know you had a pretty good day today. Would you characterize it as that?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I played solid today. There's definitely things I need to get better at in the coming rounds. I didn't play the turn holes like 9 through 12 very solid in either round, and I know that's going to be a pretty crucial stretch probably in the coming rounds, so I want to clean that up a little bit, but other than that, I hit some solid shots.

Q. And I know you talked to everybody, Shannon -- they know that it just keeps ramping up as you go on round by round and the challenge gets more difficult. Have you felt like your game has been trending the right way in general?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: In general, I think I've played a little bit better every round, maybe with the exception of the last round and the round of 16. I probably didn't play my best for a long stretch of time. But in general I'm feeling more comfortable out here, and I think in any of these tournaments, the more you see the golf course, the better the players get, the more comfortable you get, the lower the scores get, so you have to keep shooting under par.

Q. And also if you get up early, I know if it's a little harder -- I know you lost a few holes in a row there, right? I don't know if there was any kind of concentration issue or you just weren't playing --
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I just hit a couple bad golf shots. With the tee boxes they've been moving around a little bit on 9 through 12, and I would say where they were this afternoon and with the wind this afternoon, I ended up in between clubs a bunch and didn't necessarily execute those shots very well. So definitely need to keep my focus and execute those tweeners a little bit better.

Q. You're a champion; you have excelled in this tournament and this championship. Does that give you any kind of -- when you get here, you're on the ground, you've done it before; does that help?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I think having gone through it before and having made the deep run at the Am just helps build confidence. I mean, a big part of this game is just being confident, making confident swings, so just trying to carry that throughout and leverage my match play experience. At the end of the day, it's one match and one hole at a time, and you just have to keep with that mentality.

Q. With the Women's Am, obviously it was an amazing run. What have you done since then? It's probably very hard to keep sharp. Have you been able to play competitively between then and now?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I haven't played any tournaments other than just weekend tournaments at my country club I've played a couple times, but just keeping my practice routine up, making sure I'm getting the reps during the week and just trying to ride the confidence. I'd say my game has continued to improve since then, so feeling good about it.

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