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September 25, 2018

Ben Hayes

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. So a heck of a comeback. I mean, you were up and then he was up and then it was backs and forth.
BEN HAYES: We had a great match. I think we were -- I mean, I bet I was probably one or 2-under and Stephen was right there. It was a good match. We both played well. We both were down or up, kind of going back and forth, but just got to hang in there.

That's the thing about match play. If you get down, even if you're down by one with one to go, you still got one more to go. You can't give up.

That's the biggest thing about match play.

Q. Tell me about 17, how you squared up the match.
BEN HAYES: So I got down. I was 1-down going into 17. He went first and hit a great shot. I looked my caddie, Gary, and I said, All right. Let's just hit a good one here. Let's have fun and hit a good one.

I hit a great shot. Ended up putting first, which I think helped because I put a little pressure on him.

Q. What club did you hit in there?
BEN HAYES: Hit a little 7-iron to about seven or eight feet; little downhill slider. I looked at it and said, I feel good about this read. Just put a good stroke on it and went in, and I think that put a little pressure on him.

Unfortunately he missed, or fortunate for me, but it felt good. The club selection felt good, the putt felt good, everything felt good there.

Q. Off the tee got into the rough on the left side. Tell me about what you were facing then with your third.
BEN HAYES: 18 is a tough hole. I think it might be one of the toughest holes out here. The biggest thing about 18 you got to give yourself a putt for par.

So getting off to the rough I said, Hey, let's just get something short of the green, give ourselves a chip at it. Had a pretty good chip. Went a little further than I wanted. I said, Hey, let's just give ourselves a par putt. You know, put pressure on him.

Luckily he was in the bunker and thought I actually made my par putt. Just didn't break enough. Just got to hang in there.

Q. Last one: Did it feel like an away game since you're playing someone from this area?
BEN HAYES: Oh, 100%. Think we probably had the biggest gallery out her for sure. I would make a par, he'd make a par, and they would clap for him. That's the fun part about this. They're rooting for the home crowd, which puts a bull's eye on him and not on me. I can just go out there and have fun and enjoy the moment, so...

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