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September 24, 2018

Stephen Woodard

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. You took an early lead and then went 3-up with back-to-back pars.
STEPHEN WOODARD: Right. Back-to-back pars on 9 and 10 to go 3-up.

Hit a really good shot on 11, but he followed up with an even better shot. Both just missed birdie putts there.

Then he made a pretty long putt on 13 for birdie to get it to -- to cut it to two.

We both made good pars on 14 and 15, and then he missed a par putt on 16 and gave me my short putt.

There wasn't a whole lot of birdies flying today in our group, but a lot of pars.

Q. Winning with a lot of pars, how do you feel about your game today?
STEPHEN WOODARD: I felt okay. You know, didn't hit it as close as I have the last couple days, but there were some really hard pins that I didn't think you could really shoot at.

Again, the situation I was in, I just kind of kept hitting it to the fat part of the green and wanting to putt to it.

Q. How much added pressure is it coming in here and playing at a course you grew up at?
STEPHEN WOODARD: Yeah, there definitely is some, and then some folks following me that I work with and friends and family. Kind of kept seeing a few more.

You want to do well for yourself, but you also want to play well for them. So there is a little bit, I think.

Q. What does it mean to you to be in this situation and playing well?
STEPHEN WOODARD: It's awesome. This is something I've thought about ever since they named these two courses I think 18 months ago. I've had it circled on my calendar and knew that I would have a big advantage by knowing this course especially over some other folks.

Q. How much of an advantage is it to have played on this course regularly?
STEPHEN WOODARD: I think it's a big advantage. I really do. Just knowing some of the lines off the tees and where to potentially miss shots and where to putt from. Big advantage.

Q. Going into tomorrow's round of 32, anything you're looking to change or stay the same game plan?
STEPHEN WOODARD: No. I think just stay in the same plan. Just keep doing what I've been doing.

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