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September 23, 2018

Billy Horschel

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Nice way to finish off the week?
BILLY HORSCHEL: Yeah, very good. I knew -- I felt good about my game today, and I knew I had a low one in me. I was hoping it would go a little bit lower today, maybe put some pressure up there on Tiger, but really just trying to finish high in the tournament. When I birdied 15, I thought, you know, if I can get -- I was 8-under at that point, I think. If I could go birdie-birdie-eagle, I could get to 12 and I thought I could have a chance, at least put pressure on him, see what he does. Because he still had No. 15 and that it's a semi-tough hole, but it's only a 6-iron and the wind is helping. But when you're trying to win a tournament, things get a little shaky. I really wanted to go birdie-eagle the last two, and I had opportunities, and I just didn't trust myself on the lines I had.

Q. You've been around a long time, seen a lot of his great victories. What do you make of what he's doing this week?
BILLY HORSCHEL: You know, Rory and I were discussing it yesterday a little bit. He never lost his game. His game went away because of injuries. It wasn't like he was a healthy guy and like he mentally lost it and just couldn't figure out how to play golf. There's a lot of guys throughout the history of golf that have won some events and then the game struggles and they disappear. It's not because of health reasons; they just lose their game. But he just had injuries and everything and a lot of stuff to deal with. To see him come back -- I always felt like if he was healthy, he was going to come back and be able to be up near the top again.

Was he going to be the Tiger of the early 2000s, the one that we knew for so long? No. But we knew he was going to be back to being competitive and winning tournaments and having a chance to win tournaments. And we've seen that this year, and it's pretty impressive. But I would this would be pretty high up there because of everything he's dealt with, and it means a lot to him and it means a lot to the golf world. I think it means a lot to the players, the media, the fans, everyone involved for Tiger to win again. He moves the needle. He is the needle. He is the entire barometer of the whole thing. He's just not the needle, he's everything in there.

Q. Along those lines, you've won here before. Have you ever seen crowds like today?
BILLY HORSCHEL: No. I was talking to Rory about it, a couple other people. I think Tiger played here in 2013, I can't remember, but in 2014 when Rory and I were in the final pairing, we didn't have this many people, and he was the No. 1 ranked player in the world at the time. It shows you what he does for an event, and it's exciting. We miss it because there's always that extra buzz, that extra energy around the course, and for someone like me, a player that feeds off that, I love it. I actually absolutely love having more fans, more energy. It just makes me play that much better, and especially when I get in contention, I thrive off it.

Q. Do you believe as a golfer or any athlete that he's maintained his mind?
BILLY HORSCHEL: I mean, the mind plays its tricks on you type deal. So obviously we've all dealt with it where your mind just -- you sort of lose that little bit of confidence in you and you've got to built that back up. There's always those cobwebs and stuff, and the only way you get rid of those cobwebs is getting back into the heat of the competition, getting chances to win, and you figure out how to navigate that realm again.

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