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September 23, 2018

Justin Rose

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. We talked before this round today and you said you felt like if you fell out of contention for the TOUR Championship, it was plan B, and that was winning this trophy. Your caddie told me when you walked to the 18th tee you needed a birdie to win the FedExCup. Walk me through the focus and the emotions, the nerves at that point.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I'll take it back a few more holes. I had a pretty good idea, I had a good discussion with Fooch on the 14th hole, was over the back of the green in three, was 7-under. I said to him, what do we need to do? He said, you need to finish at 6. So I needed an up-and-down at that stage, got back to 6-under, and I knew I needed to play some solid golf coming in. Obviously I bogeyed 16 off a poor tee shot, and then I knew I was up against it. But that's kind of when it was clear. I felt like it was a slow death most of the day.

But once I got behind, I sort of clicked into a different place, became a little more focused or found it easier to focus when I knew what I had to do. There were so many scenarios until that point. Obviously I was really trying hard to birdie 17. I knew I had to birdie one of the last two at that point, and I left it late, left it till the 18th. The putt I had at 17 was a really quick downhill right-to-lefter, and even though I wanted to make it, I knew I had a great opportunity to birdie the last. The tee shot set it up, although it ended up in a pretty tricky lie. I was waiting for a break all day long, either a putt to go in or something to happen, and I played the break on my second shot on 18, and obviously it came in hot, hit the bunker, bounced up on to the green, and from there I could two-putt.

Q. This is the season-long FedExCup. Where does this trophy fit in the rankings of everything that you've done in your career?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think this means a lot because of what you say. This is season-long. Everyone can have a hot week. I've had hot weeks and you win, but -- you can be in the midst of average play, but this comes through consistency for me. That's what this represents for me is the consistency that I've had this year, the amount of top 10s that I've had, the ability -- the fact that I was able to at least keep that form going through the Playoffs, obviously finishing with three top 5s.

The double trophy would have meant a lot, but at the end of the day, like I said, plan B was a pretty important one.

Q. The enormity of what happened here today as a fellow competitor in this sport, what does that mean to you?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's huge. I think the fashion in which he won too, around a golf course that maybe typically wouldn't be his bread and butter, either. This is a tricky golf course. You've got to drive it well. And for him to win here means a lot. I've been impressed all year long. The comeback is for real, and it's nice for him to prove that to the world.

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