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September 15, 2018

Ryann O'Toole

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. Best round of your career.
RYAN O'TOOLE: This is the best round of my career, I know. I was trying to beat it. Not the best round I've ever shot.

Q. Oh, really?
RYAN O'TOOLE: Just the best round in competition since I was 16.

Q. So you shot 8-under when you were 16?
RYAN O'TOOLE: When I was 16, and I've just shot a bunch of 7-unders and haven't been able to break it.

Q. What competition was that.
RYAN O'TOOLE: It was junior World Americas Cup. It was it was in Canada. I have some sort of course record in Victoria.

Q. Really?

Q. So can you describe how today felt out there?
RYAN O'TOOLE: Today was good. It's funny, I can't wait to see Jenny Shin, because we got done after 18 yesterday and after he with finished the round, she looked at me and goes, You just need to keep your putter lower on the back. That's why they've all been jumping. I'm like, Uh! Okay.

So afterwards I went and worked on it, and today I guess it just was rolling well. I mean, for the most part. I switched putters last week. I out in -- PXG came out with this new one and the face is a little different. It's just been rolling great. And then I tendencies on the golf course and that was it.

It was nice to actually have confidence and put the ball on my line and push them in.

Q. Switched from old PXG to new PXG?
RYAN O'TOOLE: Yeah, old PXG to new PXG. So I putted with it twice last week. Like I got it on Wednesday. I was like, Yeah, this is good. Let's use this.

Q. Was it something that after you practiced yesterday that kind of just were like, Okay, and it clicked?
RYAN O'TOOLE: Yeah. Sometimes you can get on the golf course and when you practice something versus playing competition, like weird things can pop up when you play.

So it's just nice like to have someone that knows golf and knows you to just say, Hey, that's what you're doing. I was joking, Could have told me earlier, but you can't.

But was just to have that and then just go out there and roll some putts and see them actually start better was perfect.

Q. Think you got another one in you for tomorrow?
RYAN O'TOOLE: I'm going to try. I mean, it's just one of those things where you just try to stay in the moment. You start focusing on it, then usually either shoot yourself in the foot or they just stop coming.

It's kind of also hard to not pay attention because cameras show up and stuff like that. So you know which direction you're going.

But I'm striking it really well; I've been all week. I think was 2-over for three holes on Thursday and ended up 3-under, so I know it's in there. That's all I can do. Keep playing.

Q. Told Jerry you'd been to the casino and played some baccarat.
RYAN O'TOOLE: Yeah, you know, I am going to go. I haven't been yet. Vegas kicked my butt like a little bit ago and I've been kind of jaded to go back.

Q. Yeah.
RYAN O'TOOLE: I'm like, I think I'll go tonight. Went to this fondue restaurant up on the hill. I think a few of the Golf Channel people are going to go. I go every year. If you have a car you can get there. It's up by the mountain so it's beautiful.

Q. She said it was because of her.
RYAN O'TOOLE: It was because of her. Well, I've played with Mo Martin when she shot 10-under on Sunday, a dn then the following week in Portland I was playing with Marina Alex and she shot 10-under on Thursday. It was nice to finally get my own little low rounds.

I was like, Wait, what about me? I'm tired of looking at this.

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