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September 15, 2018

Angela Stanford

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. You put yourself in a really good position over the last two days. What's it been like to get back in the mix here?
ANGELA STANFORD: It's been fun. Any time you have a chance it's a lot more fun than not.

So we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Q. Looking for a breakthrough moment for you this week. Have you thought about what that maybe be like if you were able to accomplish a major win?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I think when you think about it for so long and it doesn't happen it kind of starts getting farther and farther away.

That may be good for me tomorrow. I don't need to be thinking about that. I need to be thinking about keeping my driver out of the left rough.

So I'm going to have my hands full tomorrow. If Amy stays at 14 under, that's five shots. Obviously anything can happen.

But I've got to get off the left side of the golf course.

Q. What specifically are some things you need to work on in your game before tomorrow?
ANGELA STANFORD: I just think hitting the fairway here is vital. To get to some of those pins and have the putts you want for birdie, you have to be in the fairway.

Just like on 18 back there. I put myself behind the eight ball. Even if you make par, it's not good enough out here.

So I got to go find the fairway tomorrow.

Q. We saw you kind of regrouping after that shot on 13. As a veteran, what are you saying to yourself - you've been in enough of these major moments - to put that behind you and keep chugging along?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I was upset that I felt like I hit a really good shot from the fairway and I felt like I got a bad break. It went all the way through, and I knew it was sitting up and I then still didn't hit the proper shot.

So I think I was kicking myself that I didn't execute properly.

And then the next bogey I just had to pull it together. I think that's what you have to remember, is there is a lot of golf left. You just have to kind of right the ship as fast as you can.

That's what I told my caddie. If we can get to 10, go in with 10 today, we'll be okay.

So almost.

Q. You've rolled it incredibly well most of the week on a golf course where a lot of people haven't. So what is it about these? Do you see them better? You feel more comfortable?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I been using my feet a lot more this week. Early in the week in the practice round I was having a hard time seeing the line and my speed was terrible. Practice round I think I was five feet past every hole.

So tried to tone back the speed a little bit. Trying to use my feet because I don't actually see it very well. Trying to feel it more out here. I don't even remember going to the other side much.

Usually I'm looking at it from a lot of different angles. I'm trying to use my feel more this week.

Q. I think we stood in this exact same spot a couple years ago in 2016 when you were in the mix. What is about playing here and this course that seems to bring out your best golf?
ANGELA STANFORD: I don't know. You all got to be tired of having the same conversation with me, too. I don't know. I think, again, it's really easy for the wheels to come off here. You really have to pay attention. You have to get it in the right spot on every hole.

That's probably good for me. It's forcing me to stay in the present and just hit one shot at a time.

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