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September 14, 2018

Mi Hyang Lee

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. A 66 including an eagle there at the last. Take us through the shot. What happened?
MI HYANG LEE: I think 235 to the front number, this is the shot and then (indiscernible - background interference.)

But just I didn't think that I can make the -- I mean, put in the bunker because too long. But it was a solid shot and it just go into the bunker. And then I think 30 yards to the pin from the bunker, and just I talk with my caddie just about the landing spot, and I think exactly landed that spot and then was soft land also.

So I think that just -- my partner said it was a really good line and then just go in. If not just made it, maybe just tap it in. It was amazing, yeah.

Q. What are your overall thoughts on this course? There have been mixed reviews from players over the years. What are your thoughts?
MI HYANG LEE: Hard course, and then rough is a little bit thicker than last year so just try and keep in fairways.

Then I think greens a little softer than yesterday. Maybe because of rain maybe. So it was a little easier than yesterday.

And I think I did really good bunker shot last two days. That's why I make eagle and make a lot of par save.

Q. You had a little bit of a difficult start to the season. I know a few weeks ago you said you wanted to hit the reset button. Do you feel like you've been able to do that now?
MI HYANG LEE: Oh, yes, of course. I think it was a little hard for start of the season this year. I just tried to it refresh after maybe Scottish.

And then now I just want to think one by one, like shot by shot. Then if I miss cut this week, maybe I can win next week. So just try and think positive.

Q. So what did you hit out of the bunker, what club?

Q. 58, got you. I then asked you when you thought the last time it was that you did that. Any idea?
MI HYANG LEE: Actually just I -- okay, we'll wait. So I made the chip and eagle at the Indy Women Tech. Uh-huh, final round.

Q. Ah, okay. Not that long ago.
MI HYANG LEE: Uh-huh. Then just I don't know when I made bunker shot before, but, yeah, just like one month ago in Indy Tech.

Q. How many times you play here?
MI HYANG LEE: Oh, from 2013. I think from 2013 they just change to major, right?

Q. Yes, exactly.
MI HYANG LEE: So my money list was over 100, but they change major so maybe more filled. So I think I got in here last -- I think the last or the second last. And then I made the cut and then I think 16 place I made it so I can keep my card so I don't have to back to Q-School.

So it was a lot mean from here.

Q. This place means a lot to you?
MI HYANG LEE: Yes, of course.

Q. Now you're tied for the lead in a major championship.
MI HYANG LEE: Oh, really?

Q. Yeah.
MI HYANG LEE: Oh, I didn't know that.

Q. 8-under par and tied for the lead.
MI HYANG LEE: Oh, okay.

Q. That's a surprise to you.

Q. But how does that make you feel?
MI HYANG LEE: You know, we have two more round so who knows. I want to just keep playing my golf and then just, yeah, hope just I have luck. That's it. I want to keep playing.

Q. Are you living in South Carolina?
MI HYANG LEE: I moved to Dallas. I bought a house in Dallas but I keep my house in South Carolina.

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