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September 14, 2018

Amy Olson

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. 6-under par on what all the players are saying is a very tough course. How did you get it done today?
AMY OLSON: I'm rolling the ball better than I've ever rolled it. Obviously seeing putts go in, that helps the score.

And, yeah, just a lot of fun to make some birdies.

Q. You were in contention down the stretch in Sunday's round anyway at the ANA Inspiration, still your best finish of the season. What is it about majors that brings out your best?
AMY OLSON: I love majors. I love it when par is a great score on some holes, and if you can sneak a birdie or two out, that's great.

But I just love the atmosphere. I love that it's difficult and it really rewards good and penalizes bad shots.

Fortunately I've gotten some good bounces, been stroking it pretty well, and rolling ball well.

Q. On that Sunday of ANA, your husband, Grant, who is a linebacker coach at Indiana State, flew in to surprise you. Not much chance of that happening here, is there?
AMY OLSON: No. It's a little bit longer flight. I think they would miss him a the football game. It is football season.

Q. So today's round, I mean, 65 is your lowest score I think on the LPGA.
AMY OLSON: Probably. I think I shot that in Ann Arbor this year.

Q. Which might have been a par 72.
AMY OLSON: Probably.

Q. And then your best 36-hole score of your career ties that as well.
AMY OLSON: Glad you know your stuff.

Q. I hope I know my stuff. So what do you think has been different this week?
AMY OLSON: I've just putted really, really well this week. For me, I give myself a lot of the birdie chances week in and week out. When I can capitalize on them, that's when I can really go low.

So I told you yesterday I switched putters; made a couple of adjustments in Portland with my coach. My coach was in. I'm rolling it really well. It's fun to give yourself chances and see some go in.

Q. What did you switch from and to?
AMY OLSON: I had a TaylorMade Spider, and I switched it an Odyssey 2-Ball putter. I putted with the 2-Ball when I was a junior. It was like my first love, and just randomly went back to it. Liked the feel, liked the look, and made a couple adjustments mechanically as well and it's felt really good.

Q. How long has it been since you've used that putter last, do you think?
AMY OLSON: Honestly, 15 years. If I'm doing the math correctly, that would put me 12, 11-ish. Yeah.

Q. Same one or new version?
AMY OLSON: No, new version.

Q. How is it having your brother here?
AMY OLSON: It is so much fun. Obviously like we are extremely close and he caddied for me a lot my rookie year and comes out a little bit each year. I tend to play well while he's on the bag. It's just really fun to be able to share this experience together.

Q. What's his name?
AMY OLSON: Nathan Anderson. I got married.

Q. Other than Angie Dickinson, you might be the most famous woman from North Dakota.
AMY OLSON: That's a bold statement.

Q. Tell our European friends something about where you're from.
AMY OLSON: North Dakota extremely flat. They say if your dog runs away you'll still see him two days later (laughter.) Lots of farmland. Just really solid like quality people. Hard working. The people are really what makes it.

We call it the Midwest, and that's home.

Q. The town you come from?
AMY OLSON: Oxbow. Maybe 300 people.

Q. So not a lot going on in Oxbow really.
AMY OLSON: No. No. A golf course, lots of people -- well, not lots of people. A few people. That's about it.

Q. How important was the that putt on the last?
AMY OLSON: Oh, that was huge. Obviously you're not expecting it. 18 is a tough hole, and when you can make par you're really happy. I had a really tough chip there and left myself obviously a very difficult putt as well.

Seeing it drop, that's a lot of confidence going into tomorrow.

Q. Great playing today. Talk us through your round.
AMY OLSON: Yeah, I played very well. Struck it pretty well today, a little better than yesterday, and I continue to just roll the ball really well.

Seeing a lot of putts go in that gives you a lot of birdies, and so it was a lot of fun out there.

Q. Some of your best finishes in majors happen for you so far this year. Is there anything you're doing differently that's causing such a great result?
AMY OLSON: I made a lot of changes about two years ago. I started working with Ron Stockton. It's a process, right? So we're seeing those results two years later. It just takes so much time for swing and putting changes to fall into place and become natural.

I would say that's what I mainly attribute it to.

Q. Well, two of the Americans have won 14 of the last majors. Only two have been American and none so far this year. So I do have to ask you, does that add more pressure to you going into the weekend?
AMY OLSON: Well, obviously I'm proud of being American. I love representing my country. Ultimately it's who gets the ball in the hole first, and that's all you can really focus on.

Q. Last question. Obviously you played well today. Are you going to practice or just chill out and rest?
AMY OLSON: Probably chill out and rest. I'm pretty tired.

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