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September 13, 2018

Amy Olson

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. Really good playing today.
AMY OLSON: Thank you.

Q. What was the best part of your game?
AMY OLSON: I putted really well. Yeah, I struggled a little bit actually hitting some fairways and missed a few more greens, but missed in the right spots most of the time.

Then when I gave myself a chance I really capitalized on that. It's always good to roll the rock well.

Q. You played here for the first time last year, right?
AMY OLSON: I've played here four times.

Q. Four times?

Q. So what I looked up was wrong. That's interesting.
AMY OLSON: Yeah. I've definitely been more to Pizza Rapido more than three to five times in my life.

Q. Then I will have to check myself on that.
AMY OLSON: There you go.

Q. What do you like about it?
AMY OLSON: I got food poisoning the second year. Sorry.

Q. What are the good things?
AMY OLSON: The sun was shining today. We don't always get that, so that was exciting.

I like how it sets up as far as they always grow the rough out really long, so it does put a priority on ball striking. I usually like that, although today it wasn't my strength it usually is.

So I really like how this sets up. That is how a major championships should be.

Q. Did you end up in that rough then?
AMY OLSON: Periodically. More than I should have.

Q. But normally you pride yourself on the accuracy and the ball striking.
AMY OLSON: Tee balls. Long and straight.

Q. Yeah. You played good in majors this year, too.
AMY OLSON: I love majors. I really do. I just like that it does really reward good golf shots. Sometimes the courses that we play don't always have that thick rough lining the fairways.

So anyway, I just like when ball striking is important.

Q. And you put in a good result in Portland.
AMY OLSON: Uh-huh.

Q. Do you think that kind of helped you?
AMY OLSON: Yeah, I switched putters right before Portland and I started putting really well there, so I think that was kind of a turning point for me on the greens.

So I'm looking forward to more of that.

Q. What did you twitch to?
AMY OLSON: 2-Ball Odyssey, my first love.

Q. You and Inbee Park. Good vibes. Cool. What did you feel like you learned in ANA that can help you this week?
AMY OLSON: I think I learned that I have the game to win a major championship. It didn't happen that Sunday, but I think that I have the mindset and the game do it. I just have to stay patient and it'll happen eventually.

Q. What was that experience like on that Sunday?
AMY OLSON: It was so fun.

Q. Yeah?
AMY OLSON: Yeah. I've been way more nervous. Like I've been on the edge of keeping my card certain years. That's way more pressure. Way more nerve wracking when you're trying to make a cut to make a couple thousand dollars to keep your card.

But it was really, really exciting. I just want to get back there again.

Q. You feel like you've had the same feeling in the rest of the majors? Is that why you feel like you played so well?
AMY OLSON: No. I just think that my game really fits major championship golf courses. Yeah, the timing has been right, but I like how they set up. I always look forward to them.

Q. How different were the conditions out there today versus some years past where it's been soggy and wet?
AMY OLSON: I was the first group out last year that played like eight holes and then it got washed. I have never played in more difficult conditions. Like it was honestly impossible.

So coming out here and not really having much of a breeze, sun is shining, fairways are actually firm but the greens are soft and so scorable, and I felt like I left a lot out there actually.

Q. What's the game plan for the rest of the week?
AMY OLSON: Same thing. I just got to go work on a couple things in my swing just to make sure I am getting the ball in the fairway, keep doing what I'm doing putting and get a lot of rest, and Pizza Rapido. (Laughter.)

Q. Is that the secret to success?
AMY OLSON: Well, Tuk-Tuk was last night.

Q. We went there last night. Are you going to keep going there now? Is it like a superstition thing?
AMY OLSON: I am like super superstitious about not being superstitious, if that makes sense. If I am like, Oh, I don't play well in orange, I am wearing orange until I play well.

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