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September 13, 2018

Celine Boutier

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. So you played here couple times but haven't played here in a few years, right?
CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, two years.

Q. What's it like being back here?
CELINE BOUTIER: It's pretty cool. It's also my first time back as a professional. So it's always special to have a major in your home country. Also very nice for me because I haven't been back since last November to France. So I'm just happy to be here and to be playing.

I feel like also the course -- I mean, I just like the venue. So, yeah, I'm pretty happy to be here.

Q. And you said your parents live in Paris?

Q. Are they out here this week watching you?
CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, they came. I actually played in Bordeaux last week, south of France, for LET event. They also came.

So they're with me for two weeks.

Q. Very cool. Is that rare? Do they get to see you play often?
CELINE BOUTIER: Pretty rare. My mom came last year for two or three events, but it's pretty rare that my dad actually comes. So, yeah.

Q. You said you played last week, too? You think that really helped you prepare for this week being here and playing?
CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, I mean, any time you get the chance to play in the same country, you know, it's the same grass and same type of courses, so it helps.

I also used that week to like work on my game as well, so in that sense I think it helped me a little bit. I was just like really tired. I had played in Portland the week before so just really a little bit tired physically.

Q. Did you go to this tournament growing up when it was the Evian Masters?
CELINE BOUTIER: I actually never did because it used to be in July every year. We had French National Championships, like the junior championships every time at the same week, so I never got the chance to actually physically come to the tournament.

But I would always watch it on TV.

Q. Is that something like growing up as a junior golfer you like dreamed of?
CELINE BOUTIER: Oh, yeah, and especially because it's pink so everything is -- and they also talk a lot about it in the media and stuff, saw it on TV, and so it was always a big deal.

So I was always dreaming to come to see, to watch it, and then when they finally moved it to September I went to college so I never had the chance to come as a spectator.

Q. Right. So the first time you came to the tournament you were playing in it?
CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, as an amateur.

Q. What was the best part of your game today?
CELINE BOUTIER: I think my long game was pretty solid. Feel like I didn't really miss that many fairways and greens. Just had a little more trouble putting. Overall my game was...

Q. Do you like this course a lot? Feel like it suits your game?
CELINE BOUTIER: I think it's very tricky course, because even when you hit it well or play well you can always make like some strategic mistake or get a bad bounce and then just really mess up on one hole.

So you have to be really cautious every shot and every hole. But I would say, yeah, I think it's a tough course. I mean, it's a good tournament course.

Q. Your parents are here. Any friends you grew up with or anything?
CELINE BOUTIER: Well, so I had -- I was in the national team, and the coach that I had came with their friends, so that's the only like close friends.

Then I have like family friend that came, but not like too many.

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