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September 13, 2018

Ryann O'Toole

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. I guess it wasn't the best start, but you came back and was a good day.
RYAN O'TOOLE: Yeah, I think the first couple holes just kind of get you going, especially when you make that little turn down below. I was 2-over 3, but I just knew there were par-5s coming and just to be patient.

I told myself if I can got back to even I'd be fine with the day, and it ended up kept going, so...

Q. Yeah. How nice was it to start off this way, especially playing in the morning with perfect weather?
RYAN O'TOOLE: It was great. The weather is awesome. This whole week has been great. Really lucky compared to the last couple years we've had here. Just to be able to sweat and not freeze and deal with an umbrella is good.

Q. Yeah. You played pretty well in the majors this year.

Q. Couple top 25 finishes. Do you kind of maybe get up a little bit more for majors, do you think?
RYAN O'TOOLE: I think I like a harder golf course. I think just sometimes in a birdiefest if your putter is not hot feels like the pressure is a little more on everything else.

I think that's always been my type of play: knowing that pars are fine and good. Maybe I just feel like my long game is on the better side. So longer irons I'm good with.

Yeah, I don't know. Sometimes the birdiefests that have always been my challenge. As much as I want to try to make those better, it's just what's it's been.

Q. What's the key to you for this golf course?
RYAN O'TOOLE: This golf course has always given me trouble, to be honest. I've never had like a strong showing at Evian. I think the weather makes it a lot easier.

And then firmer greens, which are firming up a little bit more than soaking wet ones, so it's been nice.

But I think I just told myself I would be patient this week and just allow things to come, and then try to really watch my misses and miss on the smarter side.

I think that could keep me to my advantage and put myself in good contention.

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