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September 13, 2018

Nasa Hataoka

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. (In progress.)
NASA HATAOKA: Today's round not really where I wanted to play, but tee shots were keeping in the fairway so I made a better score today.

Q. Playing in the playoff at KPMG, how did that help you with your mindset in majors?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) So KPMG was almost there, but I learned that the major has longer roughs so you have to be more careful to keep it in the fairway.

That's where I learned that I could do it.

Q. What's the thing you need to do really well to play well here?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) There is a lot of slopes in the green, so trying to not go in the short side.

Q. Have you thought about what it would be like to win a major championship? Like how old that make you feel?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) It's too early to think about winning, so in total four days try to stay the same. If I keep it in the fairway and it could be there.

Q. Have you been to France before? It's your first time? You like it? Yes? What do you like about it?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) It's a beautiful scenery, beautiful town, and food. (Laughter.)

Q. The food? What have you been eating?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) So two days before was Italian, or three days were Italian, and last two days were Thai.

Q. Thai? In France?
NASA HATAOKA: It's very tasty, delicious.

Q. What's your practice routine like for this tournament? How do you prepare for your rounds each day?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) I take time on the range to try more shots.

Q. More than...
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) It's hard ground so I try mostly approach.

Q. Mostly approach shots?
NASA HATAOKA: Yeah, mostly approach shots.

Q. Tell us about your necklace. Does that have a special meaning?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) Nothing special, but this makes the (indiscernible) better.

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