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September 13, 2018

Maria Torres

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. You just caught fire out there today. A 65, including a birdie-birdie-eagle stretch on the back. Take us through that back nine.
MARIA TORRES: I was just going shot by shot and just playing and, I don't know, they went in. I don't know. I'm just keeping calm and talking to my caddie about, I don't know, things.

Just playing every shot looking forward for opportunities.

Q. This is only your second major start, just your first trip here. What are your overall thoughts on Evian and the course here?
MARIA TORRES: I love the course. It's a really strategic course, and I don't know, it's awesome. It's like you have to be here. You don't have any advantages. You just have to play every shot as if it's like your last one or something.

But I don't know. I'm excited.

Q. You picked up just your second top 10 of the season a few weeks ago. What do you feel like is coming together for your game here late until the season?
MARIA TORRES: I think a little bit of my patient and just if you make something bad, just continue playing.

I don't know, just looking -- what I said early. Opportunity is one of the words I been working hard.

Q. Last question: How are feeling right now as a rookie being in this position at the top of a leaderboard in a major championship?
MARIA TORRES: Normal. We still have three more rounds to play or tomorrow round, so just have to hit every shot and looking forward.

Q. Seems like it's been a memorable rookie season. Contending in a major is obviously a bonus. Were you expecting that this year?
MARIA TORRES: You're always looking to like be in a major championship and one day winning it, but you just go out there and just play.

That's one of my -- I just wanted to come here and just play. Whatever happens, happens and we continue working.

Q. Is this your first plane trip to Europe?
MARIA TORRES: Yeah. Well, I went to the Scottish, but France it's like my first time. I love it. I'm like almost rolling down the par-3s all what I been hitting here. (Laughter.)

Q. And do you change your approach tomorrow shooting such a low score today?
MARIA TORRES: Just going to continue playing and then just hitting shots, and hopefully we can get a good round and, I don't know, just opportunities.

Q. So the tournament chairman, Franck, was out here so greet you off the green. Did he have any special words to welcome you? Seems to be that kind of a tournament, welcoming and friendly.
MARIA TORRES: I love here. Everyone is really nice and so helpful. It's awesome to be here and an honor to be part of this major championship.

Q. Did he have any special words for you?
MARIA TORRES: (Indiscernible.)

Q. He was a little French guy. Maybe you'll see him again on Sunday afternoon.
MARIA TORRES: That sounds great.

Q. Congratulations. Fantastic round obviously today of six birdies, one eagle, and just two dropped shots. How are you feeling?
MARIA TORRES: Amazing. Just honored to be here. It's great to be playing the tournament. (Laughter.)

Q. It is your first time, your rookie year obviously. What do you think of the golf course?
MARIA TORRES: The course is really interesting and have some strategic points. I don't know. You just have to play shot by shot.

Q. Talk us through what went well for you today.
MARIA TORRES: I was jurist playing shot by shot and just trying to get opportunities. If they would drop I will be happy, but if not I will just continue working every hole.

Q. It's your rookie year this year; first time at the Evian Championship. What do you think of the golf course?
MARIA TORRES: I lover the golf course. It's really strategic and there is no like advantage to anybody. You have to play shot by shot.

Q. Well, you are going to sleep on possibly the lead tonight, tied for the lead, and tee off tomorrow morning. What's your game plan for tomorrow and what are you going to do tonight?
MARIA TORRES: Well tonight I'm going to eat, rest, and then just keep working every hole. We still have one or two more days to play, so just going to continue working. We'll see.

Q. One more question: You have had two Top 10s this year, your rookie year. What are some of your goals moving forward?
MARIA TORRES: I just want to take it step by step and keep learning from every tournament and every event; keep progressing and keep working hard.

Q. It's been almost a year since the hurricane. How do you think the country, Puerto Rico, has recovered since last year?
MARIA TORRES: I think it's getting back to normal. We are kind of almost to normal. We have so many stuff to repair, but I think we're moving in a good direction and hoping that hurricane season doesn't do anything to us. (Laughter.)

Q. For you, I mean, being there a year ago and now being here and contending in a major championship, what's that like?
MARIA TORRES: It's exciting. Like you never thought that in a year you got your card and, I don't know, like all these things happened and it went good. I'm thankful. I feel like I'm grateful for all the opportunities we get -- well, I get in this moment.

And I don't know, because I never thought I was going to make it to Q-School, so I don't know. I'm grateful to be here.

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