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September 13, 2018

Georgia Hall

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. Georgia, I don't know if you got a chance to look at the scores from the morning wave, but they were all over the place. Some good ones and some not-so-good ones. What were your expectations starting the day?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, this golf course is pretty tough, and the greens especially. I think it's better weather than last year, so 6-under is a great score still.

But, you know, I was happy with my round today.

Q. Bogey-free is pretty good. You're now in the conversation of pre-tournament favorite every time you tee it up. Do you feel like a different player than perhaps six months ago?
GEORGIA HALL: I think I'm definitely more experienced since I won the British. Next time I'm in that position or I'm doing well I think I'll feel fine, not as nervous.

You know, I really enjoy coming back to this tournament and playing on this golf course. Yeah, I'm happy and I'm enjoying it.

Q. It's a course that in your opinion has it really grown into the status that it enjoys as a major?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, definitely. It's quite tough and some demanding tee shots as well. You have to be a good putter to play well around this golf course and score low.

I putted all right today. See what it's like tomorrow.

Q. Nice round. No bogeys. Do you think you left a few out there?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, especially back nine. But, you know, I had it in my head as well that I wanted to be bogey-free, and that's quite a special thing I think round this golf course.

Yeah, I'll take that as my first round. I'm quite happy with that.

Q. First round of the British how far were you -- you were in the lead, weren't you, after the British?
GEORGIA HALL: No. Someone shot like 9-, 10-under I think.

Q. It was the Thai girl.

Q. Yeah.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, shot like 8-, 9-, or 10-under or something and I think; I shot 6, so I was three, four behind.

Q. It's a good solid start as well.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think I am three shots behind, but it's first day. Doesn't really like mean loads. I had a good round, and you know, three behind is nothing really.

Yeah, I'm happy with that.

Q. You're not playing a football match tonight?
GEORGIA HALL: No, I'm not. I've got a very early tee time. Yeah, I'll get to bed, I think. I would otherwise.

Q. What are your goals for the next three days?
GEORGIA HALL: Hole some more putts, because every putt seems to break about four foot and it's pretty tough.

I have to see how tomorrow goes, I think.

Q. What are you going to do now?
GEORGIA HALL: Right now?

Q. Yeah, with the rest of the evening? What time will you set your alarm for tomorrow?
GEORGIA HALL: I don't know. Probably like quarter 6:00 or something. Haven't really thought about it. Yeah, probably just get some dinner quickly and try to be sleep by like half 9:00, if I can. Make sure I'm in bed by 9:00.

Q. So you said you wanted to be bogey-free, so your sights were set on -- that's a defensive play, would you say, rather than going for?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, I think level par round this golf course isn't too bad either. I only got three birdies, which isn't loads. If I feel like I'm being free and I make, you know, four or five putts and I shoot 5-under, I think that's a good mindset.

I never play offensive anyway. You don't really see me laying up on par-5s much.

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