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September 11, 2018

Georgia Hall

Evian-les-Bains, France

THE MODERATOR: Welcome to the 2018 Evian Championship. The first player we've brought in to join us today is our 2018 RICOH Women's British Open champion, Georgia Hall.

Georgia, how are you?

GEORGIA HALL: Very well, thank you.

THE MODERATOR: Okay. Georgia, this will be your first major championship as a major champion. What is the feeling like going into this week having already become a major champion?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it's very cool, you know, to play in this event, and it gives me like a bit more confidence as well going into it, I think.

If I'm in that similar position again I don't think I'll feel as nervous, which is nice to know. I love coming back to this event. This is my second year playing in it. I managed to have a top 10 last year, so I look forward to teeing up on Thursday.

THE MODERATOR: You did have a top 10 last year in your first appearance here. Second year, a little more familiar with the course. What do you need to do well to play well here?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it's nice that it's my second year, because this is kind of a golf course where you need a few practice rounds, I think. It's nice that I kind of know the golf course a bit better. I think course management is key. There are some tricky tee shots.

And definitely putting the ball in the right part of the green. There are about ten slopes on each green, and definitely don't want to be to the wrong side of the pin.

THE MODERATOR: What has the past month been like for you since your win at the Women's British Open?

GEORGIA HALL: I had probably a week off and spent it with family and friends and stuff. Hasn't been too bad. A lot more interviews and things which comes with it.

Yeah, just been enjoying it and enjoying being at home. Apart from that, I don't think a lot has changed.

THE MODERATOR: You played really well in Portland again a couple weeks ago.


THE MODERATOR: Can you tell us the state of your game and how you're feeling about your play right now?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, very important to me to play well after the British Open. I wanted to kind of back up the win, so to come second the last event I played, it kind of meant more to me than probably looked like to come second in an LPGA event.

But it was great for me. I putted really well. I think my game is in good shape. I had four, five days off last week so I keel kind of fresh coming into this event.

THE MODERATOR: I'll open it up for questions for anyone.

Q. Can you tell us what the media requests have been like, especially at home during that period of time, and have you said know yet?
GEORGIA HALL: I've said no a few times, but it's kind of managing the interviews, kind of being in blocks like today. Just seeing like five different broadcasters or like in one hour instead of separate ones. I think it's a lot better that way and easier for me.

Yeah, in England I've had quite a few different requests, but it's so nice to be recognized much more in England and have that support behind me.

Q. Why did you feel like you needed to have a good finish after the win at RICOH? Did you feel like you had to validate or show you were worthy of winning?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I mean, to other people they're probably thinking, Why does she think that? To me it's kind of like mentally in my mind I think I always try and beat what I'm thinking as well, like go against myself and think, Yeah, now I want to do well in this event and the next event.

I didn't want to win a major and then miss a cut or something. So I'd done okay in Canada and came second in Portland, and now I'm just kind of relaxed and just enjoying the rest of the events this year.

Q. Do you feel like you would have to win again before you wouldn't have that mindset?
GEORGIA HALL: No. Obviously it's very important to me and I would love to win this event also, like back-to-back majors. I like challenges and that's why I wanted to play well after the British, keep going that way. That's just how I think.

Q. Apart from the number of media requests you've had in recent weeks, what's been the biggest change in your life away from the course, and have any of your friends treated you differently or said things that have surprised you?
GEORGIA HALL: Hmm, no. My friends haven't, I don't think. I think more people spoke to me since I won, like casual chat.

But off the golf course I try to stay like my own person and I like to spend time away from golf. I think I'm two different people on and off the golf course. I think that's very important to me. I always wanted to stay, like whatever I do, whether I'm world No. 1 or whatever, I want to stay the same person. That's for me the main thing.

Q. And the biggest change away from the course for you?
GEORGIA HALL: Nothing. No, not one thing. Which is good. I don't want it to change.

Q. In a lot of instances players set particular goals. Obviously yours would be to win and then win a major. You accomplished those at once, so it's time for a reset.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah I had to, yeah.

Q. What are those resets?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, when I won the British I came down quite a lot in the world rankings. I think I'm 8th now and I think I am the first woman from England to be in the top 10.

So just things like that, kind of creating history. I think it's nice as well to know that I'm doing these things. I would like obviously to become world No. 1. I'm not miles away from that. You know, to just keep on winning majors. I would like to win Rookie of the Year. That's got me a bit closer now as well.

Yeah, just to keep playing good golf.

Q. What are the next objectives that you're setting for next year now?
GEORGIA HALL: Next year? I haven't looked that far ahead, but just like world No. 1. Solheim is next year as well. So obviously I'm in a good position now, but it's still a year to go and a lot of golf. Solheim was an amazing experience to me last year, and I would love to kind of obviously be on the team and play very well next year for Catriona and Europe.

You know, every time it's a Solheim year it's always a big year for both European and American players.

Q. Have you noticed that Justin Rose is now the men's world No. 1, and what do you think about that?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I congratulated him this morning. I think it's incredible, and it was a really nice tweet he wrote as well. I said this morning it would be amazing if England men's and women's were like world No. 1. I think that would be incredible.

He's a great role model to look up to in England.

THE MODERATOR: How long have you thought about being the No. 1 player in the world? Is that becoming more and more realistic as you keep moving up the rankings?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, since I turned pro four years ago I didn't really look at that as the ultimate goal, but I had little goals to kind of accomplish before that.

Obviously now I'm 8th and it's definitely the kind of main goal in any mind. Winning like this week or winning LPGA events is only got to get me closer. I look forward to like the steps before that, and if I do them, then I should get there.

Q. What's your schedule looking like for the rest of year and where are you going in Asia?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, so I have two weeks off after this and then I'll go to International Crown, which I look forward to that event. I like team events.

Then Hana Bank Shanghai, Taiwan, and then two weeks off and CME.

Then I go on holiday. I never go on holiday, so that will be nice.

Q. Where are you going?
GEORGIA HALL: Barbados for ten days.

THE MODERATOR: Speaking of the UL International Crown, how much are you looking forward to that event? Have you and your teammates been talking strategy or anything like that?

GEORGIA HALL: Well, I missed out on it two years ago and I really want to be on the team. I'm very happy to be in that team of four. I think it's a very young, I think interesting is the right word, team. I look forward to playing with whoever I'm going to play with.

We had dinner last night, all of us. I've known Charley since I was ten. Got to know Jodi a bit better. I think it's going to be a lot of fun and I look forward it.

THE MODERATOR: Any more questions? Last one from me.

As a major winner you have a chance at winning the Rolex ANNIKA Major Award this year. What would it mean to you to win that award?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it's definitely been in my mind since the I won the British. I think I've got a very good chance. I think I need to win to win it. It would be such an honor to win the award under Annika's name. To do the best in the majors would be awesome.

First I've got to focus on Thursday.

THE MODERATOR: Okay, with that, best of luck this week.

GEORGIA HALL: Thank you.

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