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September 10, 2018

Justin Rose

Carmel, Indiana

Q. We know you're terribly disappointed, but there is some good news:
JUSTIN ROSE: Oh, man, that's an amazing achievement. I'd love to go there by winning because obviously I want to get to No. 1 by winning golf tournaments, but today was fun. I birdied 16, 17. I knew Keegan was ahead of me doing the same thing, so I kind of was responding to that. Hit a great putt in regulation to win it, but then obviously it was a poor playoff, just -- kind of glued coming out of that fringe there and then I under-read the putt. (Indiscernible).

Yeah, delighted to be world No. 1. Yeah, it's boyhood dreams; know what I mean?

Q. Commiserations, my brother. Your thoughts?
JUSTIN ROSE: You know, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the battle today, especially the last few holes of regulation play, kind of birdies at 16 and 17 with Keegan at 21. Yeah, my 4-iron in regulation got gusted badly and was playing so long up here, this hole today, but then the putt to win on the 72nd hole, man, that was about as good a putt as I've ever hit to try and win a tournament. That's about where the good stuff ended, because on the playoff, a pretty poor hole all in all.

Q. The consolation, I guess, is the fact that you are going to become the world's No. 1 golfer. Surely the accomplishment of a lifelong dream, right?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, that's kind of -- that's an end goal dream for sure. Obviously today is all about the process, and there will be next week to win tournaments, but to get to world No. 1 is unbelievable. It's something I can say now in my career I've been the best player in the world. I've been to the top of the game. That's definitely some consolation. I just wish I could have enjoyed the moment maybe. This just slightly dampens it. But tomorrow or the next day, the week after, I'll look back at this and think it was amazing, an amazing moment in my career.

Q. It was a successful week, you played beautifully through regulation, lost in a playoff. Are you leaving here disappointed that you're not holding the championship trophy?
JUSTIN ROSE: I'm disappointed right now. To bogey 18, the 72nd hole and to get into a playoff is obviously nothing to be happy about, but the putt I hit to win I thought on the 72nd hole, it's the best putt I've ever hit to try and win a tournament. I thought that thing was in the middle, but it wasn't to be. But obviously a big consolation being world No. 1. That's something that I will look back on on this week and think it was an incredible achievement, incredible moment. It's just -- yeah, in the moment we're all about trying to win a golf tournament.

But give me half an hour maybe and I might be able to say I really enjoyed it.

Q. Let me help you with that. From the point where you splashed on the stage as a young amateur to where you are right now, to be the best player on the planet, what does that mean to you?
JUSTIN ROSE: Oh, man, yeah. It's boyhood dreams. It's a dream that we've all thought about at some point in our lives or us young aspiring golfers think about it. It's a slow burn, and that would be my advice, kind of grinding out here, young kids still trying to make their way. I turned pro at 18, and it took me 20 odd years to get to world No. 1. Just dedicate yourself to improving, to learning, to trying to get better. That's what excites me, obviously, is obviously winning tournaments, these moments, but the quest to get better is why I wake up in the morning and it gets me out of bed.

Q. I know it's a tough time to ask this and you already talked about the rankings, but regarding the FedExCup, No. 2 going into East Lake, I know that's a big goal for you. Talk about being in form going to East Lake.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I mean, No. 2 is an incredible spot to be in. It's a week that there's many scenarios in play. I think when you go in there 15th, 16th, 17th, you know you have to win, and then you have to hope for a ton of other things to happen. But I think obviously when you're No. 2, you win, you win, and maybe if something else happens, you have a good week, maybe finish -- I hate to round out the season with three seconds, but that could be good enough next week, you just never know. Good couple weeks; what can I say? Obviously the Playoffs are very definite. That's why they're sudden death. You win it or you lose it. It's one of those things. But I felt like I did a good job coming down the stretch today in regulation play, and yeah, just hard to finish the week on a poor bogey, really.

Q. What was the last hour like for you, the last 45 minutes, birdie, birdie, bogey, bogey? Kind of a roller coaster?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think I really stepped up when I needed to to get into the playoff. The putt I hit to win is one that I don't know how I missed.

Q. Was it pretty far down?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it was a great putt. It was halfway to the hole, not many of those putts miss. It just is what it is. That's a putt I'll always be proud of, and the playoff, obviously disappointed.

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