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August 27, 2018

Sloane Stephens

New York, NY, USA


6-1, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How relieved are you to get through that first match today?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Like I said, I'm really happy. It's not downhill from here. But it's good to get through that first day. First round of a Grand Slam is super tough, especially as defending champion. Super excited to get the tournament going.

Q. Any different pressure or emotions coming out today?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Yeah, I was a little bit nervous. I think obviously it's never easy as an American playing in the US Open. I think I've felt worse nerves in that, playing here before in previous years. I thought that was okay that I was a little nervous today.

I think obviously playing on a court that's very loud, there's a lot going on, I think it makes it a little bit tough to kind of, like, settle down. I was happy I was able to just kind of find a rhythm, get going.

Q. At Wimbledon, none of the top-10 players on the women's side made it to the quarterfinals. Here the first match, the No. 1 seed and No. 1 player in the world lost. What thoughts does that give you about the women's tour at this time?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Well, I think obviously we play sports and anything can happen. I think the women's game right now is super competitive. Draws are what they are for seeds to fall apart and for players that are qualifying and all this stuff to make it further. Like, that's kind of what draws do.

I think you just have to kind of wait it out and see and just play. You could be worried about playing someone in the third or fourth round. They might not get there. Like, you kind of just have to play every match how it is.

Sometimes there will be tournaments where all the seeds are still in; sometimes there will be tournaments like this where the No. 1 seed loses.

It's up and down, but I think they're all good matches that are being played, like Kanepi. I don't want to play her in the first round of a Grand Slam. She's tough to play. So I understand. She played well today. She does on big stages. She plays amazing. That's obviously a really tough first match.

It was unfortunate that Halep lost today. That's kind of how the game works.

Q. Is it weird as the defending champion to play on a new court? What was the vibe like? Loud, but fun?
SLOANE STEPHENS: No, it was just loud. There was a lot going on, like I said, between the airplanes and the subway behind the court, the concessions being in the lower bowl, and people walking in the games at, like, 2-All, 3-All. There's just a lot going on.

Yes, it was fun to play first day on a brand-new stadium court. But there was a lot happening.

Q. In a weird way, did those distractions kind of help or something you had to deal with?
SLOANE STEPHENS: No, something you have to deal with. Between that and the shot clock, I got so much going on on the court. I'm trying to manage, like, eight different things. Oh, God, just relax a bit.

It's tough, but everyone has to deal with it. Your opponent has to deal with it, as well. You just got to work it out.

Q. Does getting through adversity like that, coming back from 5-4 in the second set, give you more confidence for your next match?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Yeah, sure. I mean, obviously I've been playing well. I'm happy the way my game is now. Just getting through little things like that builds your confidence, makes you feel better.

I'll probably play another match on Armstrong knowing the USTA. I got to get my mind right and get ready for it.

Yeah, it helps you. Like I said, just happy to be through today with a lot of things going on on the court.

Q. What is your review of the new Armstrong, pros and the cons?
SLOANE STEPHENS: I could go on and on. The court is nice. It's beautiful. It's a beautiful place. I mean, any court you get to play on that's brand spanking new is super cool.

Like I said, it's very loud. It's a great court. I'm sure when it's packed in there, the stadium is full, it will be an amazing atmosphere. That's all you really want for a good tennis match and for the fans. I think it's really nothing better.

Q. Is the noise upsetting that you want to make a complaint to the powers that be?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Nobody's complaining. They'll see the press conference, but I don't think anyone is going to make a formal complaint.

Q. You did spend a lot of time signing autographs after the match. What is that process like for you these days?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Yeah, not that I spent a lot of time. There was just a lot of people. You don't want to say no. Yeah, I mean, they come to see the match. I like to sign all the kids. A lot of the kids, some of them, their first tennis match. Like the kids that were at the very top dancing, I heard that was their first time at a match.

Just stuff like that, to be able to sign the autographs, is cool. I don't really sign the crazy, psycho fans that are adults, pushing the kids over. I normally skip them. The little kids, just to have a good first experience, get an autograph. It's cool for them. They like it. May want to make them play tennis. I love giving a kid an opportunity to give them something to look forward to. I do my best with that.

Q. When I was a kid, it was only autographs. Now people want pictures. Do you have a preference?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Well, you know, it's unorganized out there. If you got your phone out, quick selfie, I'm totally fine with it. Most of the time it's a parent who doesn't know how to work the phone or whoever they're with. It's a mess most of the time. But the younger kids, the kids from age probably eight to 15, they're ready. They're like, Okay, selfie. You're smiling. It's super easy. But then there's some that it's not.

Q. Sloppy?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Sloppy, yeah. Today I was yelling at the people because they were crushing a little girl. It's unorganized. You can't sign everyone, take everyone's selfie. You do what you can.

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