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August 27, 2018

Taylor Fritz

New York, NY, USA

T. FRITZ/M. Zverev

4-6, 2-6, 6-4, 7-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your first comeback ever from two sets down with an amazing atmosphere. How did it feel out there?
TAYLOR FRITZ: It felt great, you know. I wasn't feeling, like, great in the second set fitness-wise. Starting the third, I felt fresh, like I felt ready to go. I felt like I could do it, felt like I had the energy to do it. Kind of took it one set at a time, told myself to focus on winning the third no matter what. Then told myself to focus on the fourth, no matter what. Now we're even, one more set. I felt great in the end, in the fifth set.

Q. How would you describe the opportunity that you have here and where you are in your game right now?
TAYLOR FRITZ: I think I've been playing well. I think today wasn't my best. I'm going to have to play better if I want to have a deep run and beat the top players, you know.

What got me through today was mainly my fitness. I got hot and played well at the end of the third set to keep the match going.

I feel good. I think I'm ready to make a big run. I think it's a really good opportunity playing at home here. I think I've played well at the US Open in the past, so I'm excited.

Q. What turned it around for you, other than feeling fresher? Anything strategically you can point to?
TAYLOR FRITZ: Well, when I was down the break in the third set, I played a really, really good game where I just -- he didn't make a lot of first serves, I went big, hard, deep returns, then followed up with the big backhands cross. That got me the break. It seemed to kind of get me fired up and kind of get me back into the set.

Then after I was able to win that set, a lot of the rest of the match was just fitness-based.

Q. There's been a lot of attention to the addition of the 25-second clock. What are your thoughts about it?
TAYLOR FRITZ: I think that tennis is a physical game. I think you need to be very fit when playing tennis, especially the five-set matches. In the heat I think it shows a lot who has put in the work.

I think pressing somebody to be ready to go in 25 seconds makes the game more physical, so people don't get more time to rest. So I like it a lot.

Q. At Wimbledon you're up two sets to one against Sascha Zverev. Let that one slip away from you. Did you take anything from that that helped you mentally since then?
TAYLOR FRITZ: I mean, that one was a tricky one because I had a lot of momentum. I was feeling great, playing great tennis. I was up two sets to one when they called the match. I think if we would have kept playing the match, I really liked my chances of winning.

Everything was working for me. But came back the next day, and ball was moving a bit faster, it was hotter. It's just tricky coming back the next day, you know. I just didn't feel the same the next day, wasn't playing nearly as well.

I think in the future maybe that match will help me if I ever have to play a continuation match again as far as, I guess, how to go about the thought process of that night and waking up the next morning. Just kind of staying grounded, focused on the match.

I mean, today it didn't come into play. I think in the future, playing a match that stops and starts, it could help me.

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