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August 27, 2018

David Ferrer

New York, NY, USA


6-3, 3-4 (ret.)

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What was the injury? How sad was it for you to not be able to finish?
DAVID FERRER: The injury was my scalf [sic]. I had a little shot in the first set.

Q. Calf?
DAVID FERRER: Calf, yeah. In the second set, the first game, the second game, I had another shot. I called to the physio. With 3-2, one more time.

The problem was I had this injury two years ago. I knew that it was impossible finish the match. I tried two more games. Finally I decide to retire because it's worst play and broke it, break everything.

Well, of course I'm sad because it's my last Grand Slam. I was enjoying playing the match against Rafa. I was playing good. But anyway, I am proud with myself, with my career. Is not a problem.

I will have chance next year to finish in Spain with my people. I will try to be there with recovery. I played a lot in all of my career, and I never stop one month, two months. My career was really intensitive [sic]. This for me now is normal.

I am 36 years old. It's time to be home. It's time to rest three, four months, the time that I will need, and playing next year the tournaments that I would like play.

Q. Everyone talks about what players learned from you. What is the biggest lesson you've learned from this journey?
DAVID FERRER: I don't know exactly. You know, for me is really important improve every year. Me, I was in my career, I tried to improve with myself, with my tennis, and listen to everybody to learn.

Q. You had success here in the past. Is there one memory from the US Open?
DAVID FERRER: I remember when I were here, Rafael Nadal in fourth round. I did my first semifinal in Grand Slam in US Open in 2007. I have really good memories.

Anyway, it was special because I finish my last Grand Slam playing in the center court with Rafael Nadal, because he's a very good friend. Well, sad because I can't finish the match. Is not a problem. I am a lucky man.

Q. Do you look back and think if you didn't play at the same time as Rafa and Roger and Novak that your career would be different, you would have won Grand Slams?
DAVID FERRER: I don't know. I don't know because I am not thinking that. Maybe because I have the chance to play with them, I improve my game. I improve every year. I had a mission to be better player. I am positive. For me was a pleasure to play with them, with maybe the best generation, best two or three tennis player of the world.

Q. What was your reaction when you find out that you are going to play Rafa in the first round of your last Grand Slam?
DAVID FERRER: I was happy because I knew that this tournament, it was my last Grand Slam. So for me it was a gift play center court with Rafa.

Anyway, my family were here, my wife, my son, my baby, close friends like Albert Molina, Francisco, my coach. For me, playing my last Grand Slam with the chance to see them, it was a gift.

Q. Looking back, in 20 years, what is the match, the Grand Slam that make you most proud?
DAVID FERRER: Maybe my best memories was in Davis Cup. It was my intensitive [sic] when I won Juan Martin del Potro in Seville, or when I won in Madrid, in Barcelona the final of Davis Cup with Radek Stepanek. This year I had the chance to win in my home in Valencia, winning the best match. In Davis Cup I maybe had my best memories.

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