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August 27, 2018

Rafael Nadal

New York, NY, USA

R. NADAL/D. Ferrer

6-3, 3-4 (ret.)

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What was your first thought when you saw that you would be playing David here tonight, in what would be his last Grand Slam tournament?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, I thought there going to be some tough match because always he's a very good competitor. I thinking that it will be his last match, probably he will come on court to enjoy, play with the right intensity. I think that's what he did. I think he was playing well.

I'm very sad about what happened to him in his last match probably on a Grand Slam. But that's like this. That's life. Yeah, he deserved a better finish on a Grand Slam. But I am sure that he will have the right finish for him in the tournaments that he decide to play to finish his career. So is not his last event.

I am sad for him. But being honest, I am sure he will have the good-bye that he deserve on the events that he decides to play.

Q. What is your most memorable memory with David? You two are very close.
RAFAEL NADAL: We shared couple of ones, of course. We played some Davis Cups together, important ones.

Well, this year we had a very emotional one in Valencia that he won the fifth point with that amazing match against Kohlschreiber. It was a great one. I think maybe 2011 final against Argentina in Seville was one of the most beautiful ones. Both of us were playing at a good level. The final have been very emotional, no?

Yeah, we shared a lot of important moments in our careers. We played in very important finals for both of us. We played important matches for both of us. Yeah, we shared a lot of very important moments in our lives together.

That's a good friend, very good human person. When he decides to say good-bye from this tour, I think the tour will be one of these guys that the tour will miss because is one of the players that is a good guy. The tour loves him.

Q. Do you have any recollection the first time you met David?
RAFAEL NADAL: The problem is that we are old (smiling). Very, very long time ago. I can't remember the first time, being honest. I don't want to lie you.

Q. The director of the French Open said in an interview he was thinking about instituting a dress code at Roland Garros. You couldn't wear what you want, for instance. What do you think about that?
RAFAEL NADAL: I think that everybody is fair to do whatever works better for the tournament. I really believe when you have a tournament like Wimbledon that they do what they want. You cannot say to another event that they have to do another thing. That's my opinion.

Why if Wimbledon have they own rules, why Roland Garros cannot have it?

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