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August 29, 2018

Elina Svitolina

New York, NY, USA


6-2, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously straight-set win on a hot day like today, it's got to feel good. How would you assess the match and the way you played?
ELINA SVITOLINA: Yeah, I think I played really good tennis today. I was confident in my fitness conditions and I was going out there, went with a clear plan. You know, I think it really helped me a lot.

Yeah, it was good performance.

Q. You obviously come in with some good hard court results. Just talk about the level of confidence coming into the tournament. Do you think you're at a point where you can make a real deep run here?
ELINA SVITOLINA: Of course I believe that I can play well. Hard courts suit my game. You know, I had a good run in Montreal and Cincinnati. So, you know, each match gives me that little confidence going to the next match.

Yeah, you know, today was a good match. I was really happy with the game that I showed. Yeah, this what matters to me.

Q. The weather conditions is very tough, very hot today and yesterday. Did you practice yesterday? How is your feeling today out on the court?
ELINA SVITOLINA: Yeah, I practiced yesterday for one hour. Everyone was a little bit struggling with who I spoke, all the players (smiling).

It's quite normal, you know, because on a day off you just want to light hit. You just want to relax and don't really spend so much energy. But it was really humid yesterday. You know, today, as well.

But when you're into the match, you know, you don't really think so much about it. But when you're training, you know, you are noticing, I think, more. Like I can speak for myself. I'm noticing more when I'm training, actually, because, you know, I don't want to spend too much energy on my day off.

It was hot today and yesterday.

Q. What do you feel like you did differently today versus Wimbledon against her?
ELINA SVITOLINA: Today was completely different story, you know. I didn't feel so well that match in Wimbledon, you know. I was a little bit struggling physically.

Today going into the match, it was different story. I was playing good tennis. You know, what I had to do was just the matter of if I could execute, execute it. And, yeah, I mean, today was really solid. I think, you know, it showed that I worked and I did good analyze that loss at Wimbledon.

Q. That match seemed to motivate you to work even harder this summer. Did it seem like a full circle and everything paid off for you?
ELINA SVITOLINA: Yeah, I believe if I work really hard for a couple of weeks, if I have the training blocks, that they're gonna give me good chance to play well.

I always try to take time off. You know, I didn't play any tournament before Montreal, so I could give myself a chance to perform well and to feel good, you know, physically and mentally. To be fresh for a Grand Slam, that's what's important for me.

And, you know, so far it's been good. You know, I'm playing good tennis. That's important.

Q. What are your thoughts about what happened with Cornet yesterday with changing her shirt on the court or turning her shirt around, and then today's apology by the USTA?
ELINA SVITOLINA: Yeah, well, I think the chair umpire did a mistake. That's what happened. It happens, you know. He's human, as well. You know, everyone is allowed to do mistake.

Q. Do you think there are any broader issues here, or it's just a mistake by one person?
ELINA SVITOLINA: Yeah. I mean, it was his mistake because he thought that -- you know, there is thousand rules in, you know, in tennis. I mean, of course he should have knew that she's allowed to do that. But, you know, we are humans, so we can make mistakes. You know, everyone does.

Q. Up next you'll have either Begu or Wang. Curious what your thoughts are on either of those opponents.
ELINA SVITOLINA: Well, I think I didn't play against Begu. I played doubles against her. But, you know, now days, you know how everyone is playing, because, you know, sometimes you watch their matches.

I played against Wang in Dubai. So I know it's gonna be another tough match. I'm going to have to be ready for it, have to be ready physically.

And, yeah, tomorrow I'm going to have doubles, maybe mixed doubles or whatever, you know, just another day. It's gonna be good match and so I'm expecting tough one.

Q. How do you decide when to play doubles and mixed or both in addition to your singles? What's that process like?
ELINA SVITOLINA: Normally, I don't play doubles, but this time because my best friend, Olga Savchuk, it's her very last tournament, so that's why we decided to play together.

I'm really happy to be, you know, on the same side with her. So, you know, it's gonna be special moment for her. And to be part of it, it's -- you know, I know her for so many years. We are from the same country. We shared lots of moments in the Fed Cup and on tour.

Yeah, yeah, that's why I decided to play. Of course, when she asked, I never really thought about not playing.

And I really enjoy playing mixed. You know, this really gives me the chance to train my reactions, my serve, my returns. Yeah, just in general, you know, I enjoy mixed doubles.

Q. Can you talk a little bit more about Olga and your friendship and maybe how you first met and what that relationship has been like?
ELINA SVITOLINA: Yeah, I mean, I think we met when I just started playing ITF tournaments. You know, she was already playing. She was a good singles player. Always, you know, was very, very nice to me. Was trying to share, you know, the experience when I started. You know, I was, like, 17, 18, in that time. She always helped me with everything, you know, like travel things, or on court, off court, you know. I always had, you know, someone that I could, you know, have the opinion.

That's why. You know, she's very, very nice person. It's very rare to find someone like this. Doesn't matter it's on tour or in real life.

So, you know, we share lots of moments, and, yeah, it's very nice.

Q. If Serena and Venus both win today, they play each other next in the third round. What are your earliest memories of Serena against Venus, and what do you remember?
ELINA SVITOLINA: Definitely I'm going to watch this match. It's always, you know, big clash of two legends. I have lots of respect for both of them. And, you know, when they are playing against each other, it's always, you know, very entertaining, very passion, because, you know, they are both bring their best.

You know, I always, always try to watch those kind of matches, because it gives you, you know, this extra motivation to work harder and to reach your goals, you know, to put the work every day, you know. Because they really, what they do in their career and they come back, you know, Serena, after having a child, and Venus, playing for so many years in such a high level, you know, it's very rare that you can see that in sports. You know, that's why I'm very, you know, lucky to play in the same time as they are.

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