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August 30, 2018

Angelique Kerber

New York, NY, USA

A. KERBER/J. Larsson

6-2, 5-7, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously tough conditions out there today. Three-setter. Can you assess how the match went and how you played.
ANGELIQUE KERBER: Yeah, I think it was really a tough match and a tough battle, especially in the third set. I think that I played, like, good until like 5-2 in the second set, and I was really trying to playing the game I was planned to play.

Yeah, and then I think it is tennis that you have to play until the last point. She came back. She played good when she was down, and she had nothing to lose then.

I think, you know, the conditions are really tough out there also today. But, I mean, at the end, in the third set, it was just like two, three points which decide the match. Yeah, I was happy that at the end I could, yeah, serve the match until the end.

Q. Dominika, going to be a tough match. You have played each other about a dozen times or so. Talk about what you anticipate about that matchup.
ANGELIQUE KERBER: Yeah, I think it will be another tough match against Domi. I mean, we have played so many tough battles in the past and now we have another match ahead.

Yeah, yeah, I'm looking forward. I know what to expect. She know knows how I play, I know how she plays. I think it will be I good match.

Q. Johanna has pulled off these matches in the past. What do you think makes her so tough in big stages?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: I think she likes to play in the big stages, as well. She goes out, has nothing to lose, she tries to play her best tennis.

Also, today, she played unbelievable points. Also, the long rally that she won at the end. You know, I think we had a lot of tough and good rallies. You know, she's also a tough opponent.

Q. How did the conditions today compare to Tuesday for you?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: You know, it was actually quite the same. Really hot out there.

Down, I was just trying to survive in the third set, also. I mean, it's really not so easy. If you play really on the high level to focusing on every single point, because, you know, it's really hot. I'm hoping that it cool down a little bit. From tomorrow, I heard it will be, so I hope.

Q. In terms of that third set, it looked like the legs were getting heavy and having to battle through. Tactically, did you have to change things given how you felt, or could you try and play the same way that you wanted to play?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: You know, it is always, like, I'm trying to playing as I would like to play, but of course, I mean, the legs are getting a little bit heavier, especially if you are, like, more than two hours on court on these conditions.

But I know also that I worked a lot for my fitness, so this is what I'm also thinking that, you know, I put a lot of effort for my work, for my fitness. I know that I can run. But, of course, sometimes when the rallies are getting longer and longer, you try to go for it when you have the chance.

But at the end you have to wait for the moment.

Q. Venus and Serena play each other again tomorrow. What do you remember and appreciate most from watching those two play over the years?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: I mean, a lot. I mean, they are playing on tour already, like, for, I don't know a long time.

Yeah, when I was growing up, when I came on tour, they played already, like, the Grand Slams finals. Both of them really great champions.

So I think it will be a really good match to watch tomorrow night. Yeah, I mean, it's the third round. I mean, it could be also the final. Yeah, I think, yeah, it will be, for sure, a good tennis match.

Q. What do you imagine it would be like having to go out and face a family member across the net?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: I don't know. I mean, I never played against my sister. You know, I think they know each other very well, and they played a lot of matches already against each other. So I think for them it's nothing new.

Q. After a tough second-set loss, what did you do during the 10-minute break?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: I went back to the locker room. I put a little bit of ice towels on my body, and, yeah, I was lying there for, like, six minutes. Then I changed a little, changed my clothes, and then I went back on court. I put a lot of water inside of me (smiling).

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