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September 9, 2018

Timea Babos

Kristina Mladenovic

New York, NY, USA


3-6, 7-6, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Steamrolled through this tournament. Obviously came up against two players who were really tough tonight, right down to the end, tiebreaker in the third. Just talk about the match and reflect on it.
TIMEA BABOS: Well, maybe they were tough, but we had all the opportunities. We mustn't lie about this. We were all over them and controlling the whole match.

I think it just slipped out of our hands in the second set, and then after we were down big-time, and we were really fighting till the end, and this is why they are such a great team. I mean, for now, personally, me, I don't have regrets. We gave everything what we had. It was a great opportunity, but 100% sure that the way we play we will have a lot, lot, lot more.

Q. Is this a situation where getting so close kind of gives you more motivation moving forward as opposed to being a bit disappointed because you were so close?
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: Yeah, I mean, like Timea said, I think first of all was an amazing doubles final, I think. Like she said, we have no regrets because we gave it all. Huge positive things, it's that, yeah, we were controlling the match from first minute till the end except maybe this one break in the third.

But, you know, even with the amazingly tough situation from not finishing and closing it out in the second set, we got this down lead and like break down and we still came back and we were again the first one to have the first match point in the third if I'm not wrong, right?



TIMEA BABOS: They had match point at 5-4.

KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: And then in the tiebreaker we were the first one to have match point.

You know, when it get that close from both teams, it's -- you know, then it's like a coin toss. From both sides were some rallies, some lines, luckier shot here and there. It's all about this. It's the magic of tennis.

I am only proud of ourself and the way we played tonight was great.

Q. Does it feel like a classic? People don't rush to hold doubles matches as classics. This was main court, big crowd, a final, how do you look back on this experience?
TIMEA BABOS: I think it's great for the doubles and for ourselves. But of course, yeah, to play before the men's final, it's a good chance. We were very close for their start. So of course we had bigger crowd than -- I wouldn't say usual, because when we, say, play Wimbledon final it's completely packed. It really depends on the place, or Indian Wells, you know, you have tournaments there go crazy about doubles.

Definitely, it's not easy to fill stadium with 23,000 people for doubles final. It was a great atmosphere. I think we gave the crowd a huge final. Yeah, as I said, and Kiki said it, also, that at the end it was -- it could have gone both sides up until the match point. Even on the first match point it was only for us, and then of course after, it turned a bit, but at the end it was just, I think, a great final.

Q. What positives do you guys take away from this season, such consistent results, great results from you guys? What will you hope to improve upon when you go to Asia?
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: Yeah, I mean, like you said, was a very consistent year. What I'm proud of is that we are really focused in singles and we don't play too much, you know, like we really joined forces on the big events. It's amazing that we are both working on our, you know, individual sides to improve, and then we also had interesting talks on every single stage to learn something out of it, our victories or losses.

I just feel that our game is improving like both of us. And, yeah, this is what I'm really proud of is that, you know, we are, like, going deeper in the season and our level is just increasing and we are just improving. We are just enjoying more and more the time together on the court. And then even today when it was tough and we were down in the third set, I mean, we showed up. You know, I believe not many would come back in this situation and give the outcome that was until the very last second.

I'm personally just very excited for the rest. I know we will have many more and this is not just one this season but many more years.

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