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September 9, 2018

Xiyu Wang

New York, NY, USA

X. WANG/C. Burel

7-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I know you're happy with the win, but with the way you played, are you happy?
XIYU WANG: Yeah, is different kind of opponent. I just think try to play my best. But I'm happy, yeah.

Q. How important was the end of the first set? She had a chance to serve for the set and you broke. Was that the turning point of the match for you?
XIYU WANG: I think it's very important. But I'm not think too much, just play a game. So that's it.

Q. You got to be on Louis Armstrong stadium. Did you enjoy being on the big court with the crowd?
XIYU WANG: In the first set I was a little bit nervous. But I try to get used to in the big court, try to enjoy this match, yeah.

Q. You reached the quarterfinals in Australia, in France, the semifinals at Wimbledon. What was the difference today to make you go the one step further to win the trophy?
XIYU WANG: I'm not think too much because just try to play my game and play every point. Different kind of opponent. Try to play what I'm played the way, yeah.

Q. Will you play more junior tournaments next year or will you start playing pro?
XIYU WANG: Yeah, I start play pro. No junior tournament next year.

Q. Can you speak a little bit about Li Na, how she might have inspired you, if you've ever met her?
XIYU WANG: Yeah, I watch some match about Li Na. She gave me something experience to play the final, like, because she played Australian Open final. Tried to watch some match about her, yeah.

Q. On match point today, what were you feeling when you finally won?
XIYU WANG: Is happy. Yeah, it's only happy. I think maybe my mom is cry, yeah.

Q. How will you celebrate? A party? Dinner? Shopping?
XIYU WANG: Celebrate. Maybe tonight I going to eat a good with my team to celebrate, yeah.

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