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September 9, 2018

Joe Halvorson - Weatherman

Carmel, Indiana

DOUG MILNE: No offense, but you're certainly not who we wanted to see this week but you are here so that obviously means we've got plenty of weather issues going on.

If you can kind of bring us up to speed, some rainfall totals and what we're looking at now and the course for tomorrow.

JOE HALVORSON: Roughly today we saw an inch of rain here, we had four-tenths overnight and then during the day today we got another six-tenths.

DOUG MILNE: What are we looking at the rest of the day and tomorrow? I heard you say we might have a window tomorrow.

JOE HALVORSON: Overnight, for the rest of the day, we'll still have rains from the system as the warm front is moving north of us. Totals, I'm thinking from this point on we've got a half inch to three-quarters of an inch overnight, but what I'm seeing, as this front lifts north of us during the morning hours tomorrow, I think the showers could become a bit more scattered.

So, there's a potential that after, say, 5:00 a.m. that we can avoid those showers, potentially the course could be completely drained. This window that I'm looking at is from 8 to about 2:00 tomorrow and still going to be scattered showers in the area but they'll be lighter, and then after 2:00 what I'm seeing is the potential for thunderstorms to begin to develop but there is some potential that that thunderstorm threat could potentially hold off a little bit later and clouds in the area and may take a little bit longer to stabilize.

I wouldn't think 2:00 as our end all time, there's some potential for that window to be extended a little bit later until the storms develop.

DOUG MILNE: You guys have any questions?

Q. Is this thing moving at all or just hanging over us?
JOE HALVORSON: This is basically moisture from the remnants of what was Tropical Storm Gordon, a very slow moving system, but what's going to happen as I mentioned the front, the warm front that lifts through us overnight. So, yes, it will move north of us.

Q. How much accuracy in your prediction?
JOE HALVORSON: You know, I was calling for about a half inch overnight and had closer to four-tenths. We saw a little bit more rainfall than I anticipated and that's kind of what prevented us from maybe getting a start today. Had we had those lower amounts overnight, perhaps with the rainfall rates we've seen for part of the morning we may have been able to get some play in today but with that heavier rain that we saw overnight that really saturated the course and made it quite difficult.

But as far as today goes, it was kind a no-brainer forecast. Looked like it's going to rain all day and it did. As far as tomorrow goes, the certainty of the forecast is more on the medium confidence end.

Again, just with the potential for those showers to be more scattered in the morning, still for them to be scattered showers even in that 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. timeframe and then the other uncertainty is when will those thunderstorms pop-up in the afternoon.

DOUG MILNE: Anybody else? Okay. Joe, thanks for coming in. We appreciate your time.

JOE HALVORSON: Okay, good.

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