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September 9, 2018

Slugger White

Carmel, Indiana

SLUGGER WHITE: Iffy fairways, sloshy tee boxes. The greens are fine, the bunkers were okay. We just have a golf course that we just couldn't play. We can't push water around and we've gotten over three inches of rain since last night and today right about now, and it just -- like I say, we kind of have shoveling sand against the tide, unfortunately, and that's the sad part.

Q. Nobody wants to see this be a 54 hole event, Justin Rose leading right now at 17-under par. He is the solo leader.
What will go into that decision, this being a FedExCup Playoff event, so much on the line for not only the top of the leaderboard but also the guys in and around the number 30 mark to make it to East Lake and there's also a bye week next week?

SLUGGER WHITE: Yeah. We will do everything we can to play tomorrow and we'll make some announcements here probably within 30 minutes, the next 30 minutes as to what we'll try to play tomorrow on two tees and we'll just see what Mother Nature gives us. We just have to wait until in the morning to see exactly what we're going to have to try to do.

Q. On Golf Central this morning over on Golf Channel and also on our two hour coverage and now on NBC, lot of people are always wondering what goes into the decision making by you and your team and your staff back in Ponte Vedra going hour by hour.
Could you take us inside your guys' meeting room and explain to us exactly what's taking place?

SLUGGER WHITE: We have our weatherman on-site, Joe Halvorson and Joe has been -- he's been aces. He's been great. Even he's hit it right on the nose most every hour.

We have been going hour by hour. We've got a maintenance crew and it's very difficult. You just have to kind of suck it up and you hate to go hour by hour but it could stop raining. If it stopped raining we could push stuff around and get going in a couple hours, to two, three hours.

Q. One of the things that's really impressive, all the players we saw earlier today in the locker room they have full confidence in your guys, your staff, they totally understand and get it.
A rare show of patience and unity from all the guys who are competing. A smile on your face. Been a long day for you, Slugger. We appreciate the time from you always.

SLUGGER WHITE: Thanks Steve, I appreciate it.

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