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September 9, 2018

Vince Pellegrino

Carmel, Indiana

JACK RYAN: Vince Pellegrino is the Senior VP of Tournaments for the Western Golf Association.

Vince, it's been a difficult, you know, 24 to 48 hour period here with the weather. If you could just give us an update from your perspectives on what we're looking at for tomorrow.

VINCE PELLEGRINO: It has been a difficult weather week for us and it's really a shame because we've had an incredible leaderboard, incredible support from the Philadelphia community that's been tremendous with the fans, and you saw the crowds yesterday.

But, as the PGA TOUR mentioned, they're postponing today and we'll be starting the final round tomorrow. It's scheduled for tee times start at 7:30 to 9:20 off of two tees in threesomes. They're going to try to get it in.

Having said that, we do plan on opening up the gates in conjunction with the first starting time at 7:30 in the morning. We're going to have parking at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. All parking, all spectator parking will be relocated to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center and the lots will open at 7 with shuttles running to the Championship to start at 7:30.

Some of the lots are rendered unusable obviously because of the weather as well. The golf course is extremely wet. We are going to allow spectators on the golf course tomorrow so essentially anybody who had tickets for today, those credentials will be valid tomorrow, whether it's a weekly pass, any unused Sunday passes, any unused any day passes. Hospitality will be open tomorrow and hopefully we can get some golf in tomorrow.

JACK RYAN: Any questions for Vince?

Q. Is this going to hurt your bottom line; the most important thing to get caddies to college?
VINCE PELLEGRINO: That's why we host it for charity. When you have a day like this with attendees not showing up and having the full day lost, I imagine the crowds will be a little bit lighter tomorrow being a workday. Yeah, it hurts the charity of the Championship with -- from a bottom line perspective.

JACK RYAN: Anymore questions? All right. Thanks for coming.

VINCE PELLEGRINO: One other thing I want to mention as it pertains to parking. The Uber/Lyft pick up/drop area as Episcopal Academy will be closed.

One more item for everyone to note that that pick up/drop-off area is going to be closed tomorrow. All parking will be at the Expo Center as well.

JACK RYAN: All right. Thank you for your time and hope for the best tomorrow.

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