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September 9, 2018

Kristi Toliver

Elena Delle Donne

Seattle, Washington

Storm - 75, Mystics - 73

Q. Kristi, kind of take us through that last possession there when you were kind of driven through the paint. What happened? Mike said that Seattle was trying to foul and the refs didn't understand what was going on. What was your perspective?
KRISTI TOLIVER: Yeah. I mean, I got fouled going baseline. I think it was pretty blatant, it was pretty obvious. Sue is smart, she knows they have one foul to give. They wanted to foul before I could be in a shooting motion. I wish the officials had a little more basketball IQ like Sue does because that would have been the play instead of a jump ball, and then we get in a scramble situation, try to foul again, somebody is in the way, I can't go foul the ball handler, and the clock goes down. That's pretty much what happened.

Q. You forced them into a lot more turnovers today, stayed in the game. What were some differences in your game plan coming out today to do that kind of thing?
ELENE DELLE DONNE: I mean, anything we did today was going to be better than what we did in the last game. We came out and we were ourselves. We applied ball pressure. We had some people come in who really stepped up for us, and yeah, I mean, that's how we play. That was us. So obviously it's really frustrating to not come away with the win, but we were able to see a lot of things, and we get to build on it for these next three games.

Q. Kristi, you played so cleanly ball security wise for the first three quarters, only two turnovers, but five in the fourth. What do you think was the difference there do you think?
KRISTI TOLIVER: Yeah, we weren't on the same page. The way they were covering us, we weren't giving releases, giving outlets when they were either trapping or being physical with the Elena on the block. Those are things we can fix. Obviously you don't want those kind of things to happen in the fourth quarter with the game so close, but honestly, that's part of what the difference of the game was. If we can clean that up, value the ball, we talked about it at the beginning of the game of just valuing it for 40 minutes. We got to about 35. Clean it up, we're better, we're smarter, we'll be okay.

Q. Elena, you had the big second quarter and then it was just tough to score it looked like for you. Can you talk about what they were doing and maybe what you guys weren't able to do to get you the ball as much where you needed it in the second half?
ELENE DELLE DONNE: I think we fell in love too much with me getting the ball on the block. I'm more than just a back-to-the-basket type of player. Playing in space opens up my teammates, also opens myself up. We've got to find a way to not become one-dimensional and just try to force it in. When that's not working, we've got to spread the floor, attack, and fouls are called when you're on the move, when you're attacking, but back to the basket, it's a lot easier for them to not call fouls.

Q. Kristi, just the three-point shooting, 0 for 16. How much of that was their defense or just your shots weren't falling or a combination?
KRISTI TOLIVER: Oh, shoot, I didn't know we were 0 for 16. That's a huge factor in the game, too. As a three-point shooting team, we need some of those to go in, and we're going home, we feel really good, we feel really positive. We're going to be better. We were better from the day before. We're going to be better when we get home, and we're going to knock down shots.

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