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September 7, 2018

Elena Delle Donne

Ariel Atkins

Seattle, Washington

Storm - 89, Mystics - 76

Q. The turnovers in the first 11, 12 minutes, what contributed to that, and how do you clean that up going forward?
ELENA DELLE DONNE: I mean, you've got to give credit to Seattle. They've got a lot of length on defense, they came out super aggressive, started trapping Kristi from the start in pick-and-rolls. We have to be able to exploit that, exploit them being overaggressive, take care of the ball. You can't turn the ball over with this team or they get out and get lay-ups and threes. That definitely wasn't a good start for us.

Q. Ariel, you were minus 18 in fast break points, I think minus 20 in points in the paint. How do you get better in those areas going into Game 2?
ARIEL ATKINS: I think just take care of the basketball better. I think that's one of the main things that we're going to be talking about tomorrow.

Q. Elena, what's that match-up with Natasha Howard like for you, and what do you think you can do to get going a little more offensively?
ELENA DELLE DONNE: I think our whole offense was a little bit stagnant. Instead of moving the ball and getting it side to side, we just kind of hanging on to it on one side and staring at each other. We've got to create way more movement in our offense, make it difficult for them and make them chase us around a little bit like they do with us. We've got to dive more, we've got to go back door on over plays. I think just as a whole, we were way too stagnant.

Q. Ariel, what was this atmosphere like for you, coming cross country, playing in obviously a packed arena, kind of a frenzy? How do you think you handled it overall as a team?
ARIEL ATKINS: I think it's an awesome atmosphere for women's basketball. We'll handle it better when we come back.

Q. Elena, how do you feel physically? How close to 100 percent do you feel right now?
ELENA DELLE DONNE: We can talk about my knee after this series. Excuses are for losers. If I wanted to be 100 percent, I wouldn't have come back. I knew coming into this thing I was going to have to figure out a different way to play. It might not be the same basketball I've been playing all season, but I still feel like I can impact this game. My teammates like Ariel, she's got my back, she can carry me on the offensive end, but we've got to be better, and we'll find a way. We've got to watch some film and figure it out.

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