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September 7, 2018

Keegan Bradley

Carmel, Indiana

Q. Come in here this week, knowing what the score was like in the past, did you expect it to be quite as good as it has been?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: I remember this course being really, really different. The greens are a little softer and the fairways are, again, soft so it's easier to hit the fairways.

Q. Let's look at a couple highlights out there, second shot at 10. This is evidence that the rain is making it a bit easier for you guys.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: This is a really tough pin and I was able to hit a full 52-degree and land it kind of up there and I'm interested to see if it almost went on. It spun. Yeah. Just a perfect number for me.

Q. Bit of water on the greens, potentially you get a few spike marks. How well did they roll with your closing birdie there?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It was, they rolled great. The greens are perfect. They're not that fast but they roll perfect. That one felt good. There are some spike marks but, for the most part, the greens are rolling good.

Q. 2,000 points up for the FedExCup Playoffs. 52 in the standings. Is there something you're licking your chops at the opportunity to make a monumental week?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah. It's great. I got -- all the opportunity is right in front.of me. I got to go take it. That's what's great about the FedExCup Playoffs, you can go get it the last tournament of the year -- to make the Tour Championship. That's fun.

Q. Keep up the good work Keegan.

Q. Keegan, golf balances out. That was a pretty harsh little lip-out on 17, then 18.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: That was big -- the putt on 17 was, but the birdie on 18 kind of cancels that out.

Q. I don't think people have understood how good your driving has been, both distance and accuracy. You get to this golf course licking your chops.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: This course rewards good ball striking. That's what I've been doing all year. I mix in some good putting and here I am 10-under. That's the key.

Q. What have you found on the greens this week that's carrying over from the season or have they set-up well to your eyes?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: I've been working hard on my putting and seeing it more, come up more and more and that's exciting because if I can get my ball-striking with the putting, this is what I should be doing.

Q. What are you most excited about going into the weekend?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: I'm excited for the opportunity again. I put myself here now the last couple of weeks, it's time to go out and play well.

Q. Any checking of the board and the status or are you leaving that to other people see what you need to do from a finish standpoint?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It's hard not to see on the boards. You look over you can see it. For the most part I'm trying to focus on this tournament and playing well here.

Q. We'll focus on it for you. Keep playing well.

Q. (Inaudible)?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Today was good. I putted really, really well today. I putted better today and I mixed in a couple really good iron shots. 64 is a good score, really good score.

Q. The course is getable today, kind of a little bit softer after the rain?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: The greens are perfect. The fairways are wide and it's a little soft. That recipe is always out here on the Tour, no matter where you are it's going to be low scores. You know teeing it up here the scores are going to be low.

Q. What do you have to do to get to where you want to be?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: I probably need to shoot this again, I would think, maybe more. Who knows. I don't know what the weather is going to be like but if we get more rain this afternoon this course could get even lower. It's a good round today to keep the pace.

Q. You started well last weekend. How would you assess kind of the bump from there and coming into this week, are you feeling pretty good about the game?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah. I'm trying to take the positives out of every week I'm playing. Every week I put myself kind of here after two rounds, new York after one.

Now it's time to go out on the weekend and do my thing. I'm not trying to do anything special. If I go out there and play like this I should have a chance or be around there come Sunday.

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