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September 3, 2018

Justin Thomas

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. Defending champ, how would you rate your week?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I was very up and down. It was kind of a weird week. I came out the first few days and wasn't really myself. I couldn't get into it. I couldn't get focused out there. I was having a hard time just getting in the zone. And I was just getting it around as well as I could. But I just didn't have anything. So just kind of grinding to make the cut. And I played some pretty good golf this weekend, I don't have anything to show for it yesterday or today for the first is 12 holes and then at least had a good finish to have somewhat of a successful week.

Q. I really lit the candle on the FedExCup campaign last time. On the way to winning the FedExCup cup. Looking at 16. How do you feel your game is now heading into?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's better than it was at the start of the week. This was a really nice shot. I've had a hard time drawing the ball. It was nice to hit a couple nice draws today. This one coming of a pretty bad putt from about six feet, it was very makeable, I didn't hit hard enough.

Q. You had two eagles. Look at the shot into 18. With L the way the course was playing, how it's developed through the week, do you feel like especially with the climax to the course there's opportunities for big swings out there today for big scoring?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, not very much for big swings. It was a lot firmer on Friday than it was on Saturday and Sunday, which I was looking forward to a firm and fast weekend. But when you start the weekend really far back and it's a soft, very gettable golf course, it's hard to make up ground. These guys are really making a lot of birdies. If you're on and these greens are so good you can really make a lot of birdies out here. I expect the leaders to do so. It's very gettable out there.

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