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September 3, 2018

Cheng-Tsung Pan

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. Talk about your round today and playing your way into the BMW Championship next week?
C.T. PAN: It's always my goal. This year it's great to get to the third event. And hopefully I can play well.

Q. After what happened at Wyndham, did you regroup and reset a bit and focus on these playoffs and keep advancing?
C.T. PAN: Yes, the second place at the Wyndham really helped me. I got a lot of FedExCup points from there. Honestly, for the whole summer I felt good on my game, I just need to click, need to put everything together to put up good scores for four rounds, which I did this week and I feel great.

Q. How much were you looking at the projections going into this week and then maybe last night were you looking at them more?
C.T. PAN: I had a general idea. I know I needed to finish top-30 to advance to the next event. But I don't mind being top-10, top-5, because you'll be a couple of steps closer to the top-30, and that's what I'm trying to do.

Q. The stretch starting kind of with Wyndham, you seem to be on a really good roll right now, how would you compare it to some other hot stretches you've had in your career?
C.T. PAN: I definitely feel like this is the best of my game, this period of time. I hit a lot of good shots out there. I just need to make more putts and convert more pars from tough spots, and I think I did all that this week, so that's great.

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