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September 3, 2018

Keith Mitchell

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. Coming into the week with the pressure of you've got to move inside the top-10 to advance. You were able to pull it off today.
KEITH MITCHELL: It means a lot. I didn't play very well last week in the Northern Trust, got off to a terrible start in the first round. So we pretty much had to do everything we could to play our best to finish in the top-20, and I was in the 70th place after the first round. And I think we did that, so it was awesome.

Q. Did you check the leaderboard today or did you just go out and play golf and let the chips fall where they may?
KEITH MITCHELL: I checked on 17. At 17 it looked if I made this birdie putt you make it in the top-70. It was about 20 feet. And I quit worrying about reading it, and worrying about the speed. I have to make it. When you have to do something you kind of block out everything else. It was awesome. And made two great swings on 18.

Q. Nice two-putt to secure that spot?
KEITH MITCHELL: I wanted to make that eagle putt, but I knew a birdie was good enough. So I just made sure I was good on speed. Unfortunately I didn't hit it hard enough, but a tap-in birdie is always nice.

Q. At what point did you realize you were bouncing in and out?
KEITH MITCHELL: When I was on 17. I looked up at the leaderboard and said if I made the birdie putt that I was about to putt. So that was the first time I noticed. Sometimes you need that little kick in the butt to make that putt. So I did it and had two great swings on 18.

Q. Can you compare that to anything else you've gone through?
KEITH MITCHELL: Yes, I've been on the bubble a lot of times on this thing. This one was a little bit easier, because I was putting so well. It's just another opportunity to play well. I played well enough to be here or for me as a rookie, and really excited about that. No matter what you're trying to do, coming down the stretch you feel the pressure, so that's always fun.

Q. (No microphone.)
KEITH MITCHELL: No, not really. Peter is great. He's loose walking up 18 knowing he had to make birdie, as well. When he made that putt on 16 I could see it in his eyes. And we birdied the last two holes. It's great when you're feeding off somebody, it definitely helps.

Q. When you started the year, did you set any goals to getting to the playoffs, getting to the third round, anything like that?
KEITH MITCHELL: Definitely. Everybody wants to make it to The TOUR Championship. The FedExCup is huge, to be there and get all the exemptions from the year after. That's always on top of my list. But mine was stats. When I made the top-25, it was to make it even higher.

And then a lot of it was just continue on Sundays. I didn't put myself in positions on Sundays. I haven't executed well but a couple of times. That was my biggest goal. I knew if I did that I'd have a great season.

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